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Learning to Achieve

Description of available training

Kathy Houghton

on 14 May 2012

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Transcript of Learning to Achieve

Learning to Achieve
A Research-Based Curriculum for Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities National Institute for Literacy, then US Department of Education Training Objectives... * Share LD consensus definition and latest research

* Describe concept of "self-determination" and how it can help adults with LD

* ID LD-related legal, confidentiality, and self-disclosure issues

* Explain "explicit instruction for strategy learning" and how it helps adults with and without LD

* Share strategies for teaching reading, writing, and content to individuals with LD

* ID workforce issues adults with LD may face Module Format-- can target workshops to specific audiences Who is this training for? Modules can be presented individually or in groupings designed to fit the audience. Modules include:
Definition of LD
Legal Issues, Self-Disclosure, Confidentiality
Explicit Instruction for Strategy Learning
Reading Disabilities
Written Expression Disabilities
Content Learning
Workforce Prep Strategies What about "Bridges to Practice"? Learning to Achieve has replaced "Bridges" More "practitioner friendly"
Based on most recent rigorous research
Addresses new topics
Standardizes materials
Offers lots of opportunities for practice! What can participants do with Learning to Achieve? Participants can...
Use the research to inform their practice in teaching, testing, and intake
Employ the instructional strategies presented with their adult learners
Assist adult learners in achieving their goals Also includes 3 On-Line Modules
* Accommodations
* LD and ELL's
* Neuroscience L2A Trainers
Invited by NIFL/LINCS to participate
Week-long intensive training of trainers (TOT)
TOT includes L2A content AND effective trainer skills
Each trainer required to present curriculum under observation; sign-off by LINCS A program designed to
encourage and support adult education programs' efforts to affect change in the delivery of services to adults with learning disabilities
provide tools for local adult education staff to improve services to adults with learning disabilities What materials do participants get? Each participant receives a Participant Manual containing all of the information shared in the workshop Workshops scheduled by RAENs for Adult Ed Programs and Literacy New York for LNY network
Contact Kathy Houghton for more information
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