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Self Care assignment for Beverly's class.

lindsey hayes

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of Self-Care

outdoor time. meditation. outdoor time. meditation. life is precious. make it
worthy. caring for the caregiver
lindsey references:
Uploaded on April 15, 2008
by jasontheaker sandy beach pic
Uploaded on February 10, 2008
by Weirena
rivers know this: there is no hurry.
we shall get there some day. wait.
be endowed with the rare quality
of contentment-the ability to find
the joy possessed in each circumstance. give more than you have.
expect less than you deserve.
make the world a better place. some people walk
in the rain.
others just get wet. no snowflake ever
falls in the wrong place.
every day i wake up.
i choose love.
i choose life.
meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation
leaves ignorance. know well what leads you forward
and what holds you back, and choose the path
that leads you to wisdom. goals:
to walk to practicum every day this semester to increase my time
to meditate at least four times a week.
to record these things in my journal. Strategies:
I will pack my things for practicum the
night before, so that I have no excuse
to not walk the next morning.
I will keep my meditation mat out every
day and resist the urge to put it away
to remind myself to meditate.
I will buy a journal, and will make an entry
every day that I complete either of these
activities. Outcomes:
For me, my strategies worked great. I didnt miss
walking to practicum for even one day. It was really hard to
resist the urge to put my meditation mat away, but I did it,
and the journal really helped me keep on track. Future aspirations:
I have found that the walking is not
something that I find difficult to keep
up with, because a lot of the time, I dont
have any other options. I do find it difficult
to take time out of my day to meditate, however
keeping my meditation mat out helped to remind
me. I have always enjoyed journalling, and I think
that it encouraged me to follow through with my
other two goals.
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