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Eulogy Speaking Tips

No description

Emma Eckard

on 17 July 2015

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Transcript of Eulogy Speaking Tips

Write out the eulogy
Even if you are an experienced speaker it is good to write it out because sometimes our emotions will get to us, especially at a memorial service
Eulogy Speaking Tips

Share uplifting memories
During a funeral there is a lot of sadness. Sharing uplifting memories can lift up the audience a little bit. Just make sure that your memories are appropriate!
Make it about you
Say things such as "It's for the best"
Share inside jokes
Minimize the loss
Forget that you're honoring a persons life
Try to avoid emotions during speech
Speak slowly
Make eye contact to give you strength
Take deep breaths
Memorize the speech as much as you can
What is Eulogy speaking?
An Eulogy is a speech given at a funeral or memorial service for someone who has passed away.
By: Emma Eckard
Giving these speeches might be hard, and just a little emotional
Here are some tips for giving Eulogy speeches!
These things will make the other guests feel uncomfortable. We don't want anyone to be uncomfortable during an eulogy.
Take consideration of other people's feelings
Do not say anything that could be interpreted as hurtful. We don't want to be upsetting anyone at a memorial service, they are already in enough pain.
Funerals are a difficult time, try to avoid crying during an eulogy as much as you can. Shed a tear or two but try to stay away from breaking down
Keep it brief
The shorter the eulogy the less time you have to worry about breaking down in front of an audience. Longer speeches sometimes make the audience unconformable. Sometimes "less is more"
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