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3-D Solids

Understanding Concepts Surrounding 3-D Solids

Abram Overway

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of 3-D Solids

Let's Talk 3 Dimensional Solids What does 3-D mean? 3D means an object has
length, width, and DEPTH! Like these Pyramids Cones Cubes Here are some basic 3D solids you will have to know There are several parts
to 3D solids we will have
to become familiar with Faces Not that type of Face
The face of a 3D solid
is the plane or flat side
of the solid. Another part of a
3D solid is it's edge! And finally we have
a vertex. An edge is the side of a face A vertex is a corner where edges meet.
The plural of vertex is vertices.
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