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Kohler, Wisconsin

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on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Kohler, Wisconsin

Wisconsin KOHLER, BACKGROUND Background:
10 minutes from Lake Michigan, Kohler, Wisconsin is a small village with a population of 2,113 people. It also has many outstanding sites such as championship golf courses (Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run both have 2 major courses that were ranked best in the United States by the leading publications), Woodlake shopping and dining, The Craverie ( A Chocolatier Cafe), and The Kohler Company. Relevance Relevance Activity The Kohler Company The Kohler Company Whistling Straits Golf Course Woodlake Shopping The Craverie Chocolatier Cafe Pictures Pictures The Kohler Company is a worldwide leader in plumbing products. I'm sure everyone has a sink, toilet, bathtub, or some other bath product in their house that is from The Kohler Company.
Kohler, Wisconsin gets a lot of snow in the winter, so it has special equipment to clear the roads of ice and snow or other things like that. It is very different from the weather here in Texas because Kohler is located up North. The state, Wisconsin is known as the Dairy State. Kohler Company made that Cheese because Wisconsin
is the Dairy State Snow removal
in Progress Wisconsin in the U.S Relevance:
The main reason why I wanted to share this particular topic with you is because I used to live in Kohler, Wisconsin. I lived there for a little over 3 years, which were the best 3 years that I can remember. Mainly because of the people. Kohler is a very small village, so everyone practically knew each other. My best friend there, lived across the street from me. My family and I lived really close to everything, (Woodlake Market, The American Club, Kohler Elementary School...) The school that I went to there, Kohler Elementary, has about 75 people in each grade, where as McC has 1000 plus people per grade. The school goes from kindergarden through 12 grade, about 600 people in all! And McCullough still has more people! Kohler School (the back) Me and my BFF Activity: *Write 2-3 sentences*

*List 3 States and their nicknames

* Write about your favorite place that
you've lived before, and list all of the
states that you've lived in.

* Write about the most snow that you've
ever seen and where you saw it. Work Cited Work Cited Work cited:

*wisconsin.wisconsin in the u.s.1989.Wiki/pics.WI/U.S.
morning snow.
*WhistlingStraits.golf.2012.WI GolfDigest/
WI. KohlerCo.
Cheese.Dairystate.2011/2012.Dairy-cheese/Wisconsinstate. HUMM WITH ALLY

October 29, 2012 THANKS FOR WATCHING!
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