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female feticide

No description

sarah kazi

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of female feticide

Rajhati's Story
Parveen's Story
A World
Without Women

A study from 1901-2001 examined the sex ratio in India; a shocking chart from the ten year period displays the significant drop from 972 to 933 females per 1000 males.
So what's it about?
Women in India have become so desensitized to the act of killing their own child it has become a normal thing for them to do.
She described how she killed her babies
upon realizing that they were girls. Claiming "I felt we could keep it only if it was male."
Mitu's Story
How do they kill the baby?
“I lay on my bed weak after childbirth. My mother-in-law picked up the baby and started feeding her milk. I knew what she was doing. I cried and tried to stop her. But she had already given her milk laced with yerakkam paal [the poisonous juice of the oleander plant]. Within minutes, the baby turned blue and died.”
Some common methods used to kill the baby girl are letting them ingest a poison in their milk, starving them, suffocating them, strangling, drowning, or breaking the spinal cord by snapping it. They are given paddy (rice with its husk) to swallow, which slits their throats, or fed salt to increase their blood pressure.
The PNDT Act was enforced, known as the Prenatal Diagnostic Technique Act.
It says that the The government would appoint District Appropriate Authorities in all the 25 districts in Gujurat to oversee the strict implementation of the provisions of PNDT Act. The Act prohibits sex selection, before and after conception. It also regulates prenatal diagnostic techniques for detecting genetic abnormalities. (Unicef.)
Knowing that her baby will most likely be killed, a mother
places her baby outside an orphanage in hope that it has a
better life than the one society has planned for her.
What are we doing to change this?
But sadly, these laws are not enforced because many of the law enforcers believe in the same thing as Indian families do. The crime-doers are let off easily and loopholes are found
Aamir Khan, a popular celebrity in India, started a show that explored issues in India, the first episode being female feticide. Along with exposing the truth, he led sting operations that exploited the true works of doctors who illegally practiced abortions and abused medical technologies for sex-selective practices. After his show aired, a local government vowed to set up fast-track courts to punish those who practiced in the act of feticide. His show helped bring awareness to the issue and how media can play an important role in it.
Female feticide is not only an issue in India. It is a heinous crime committed all over the world. But who is to blame? The Chinese during the Qing Dynasty when they created the one-child policy? Or the traditions that get passed down from generation to generation as our world advances? Remember, women have been condemned and viewed as a burden everywhere we go. This type of thinking is innate, and even the most educated of us seem to ignore the sin we commit by taking the life of an innocent child simply because it is not a boy. In order to erase the stigma of our warped thinking, we must first be open to accept that what is natural. Let us not see women as a hindrance, but as an embodiment of affection.
So how is the population affected?
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