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Abul-Hareth Mohannad

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Pyrethrum

in Market
Main Active Constituents

• Dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium -Dalmatian Pyrethrum- and Chrysanthemum Coccineum -Persian daisy-, Family Asteraceae
1-Schizogenous oil glands
Key elements
2-spherical glandular Hair(Astraceae hair)
3-spherical Spiny pollen grains
4-prisms & clusters of Ca-oxalate
Dalmatia , Herzegovina , Ecuador , Japan, China, Tasmania, Tanzania , and Kenya
Pyrethrin I& II , Cinerin I& II .Jasmolin I& II
Pyrethrins are ester of several keto-alcohol with chrysanthemic acid or pyrethric acid
Pyrethrins are toxic to cold-blooded animals, especially insects as it affects their nervous system ,but un toxic for warm-blooded animals, especially mammal.
unstable in air, light , water , ultra-violet rays and at elevated temperatures
In pyrethrin I : R = CH3 , In Pyrethrin II:R=COOH
How it works ?
1)pyrethrin insect spray
2)Pyrethrin Shampoo: an insecticidal pets shampoo
3)pyrethrin foggers
4)Bug Spray:for human skin
The name "chrysanthemum" is derived from the Greek words chrysos and anthemon
Found on ancient tools
First cultivated in china at 15th century BC
Moved to United States of America in 1798
Discovery of toxicity
Represents the autumn season
Topic of poems
Ancient Chinese city named Ju-Xian
which means Chrysanthemum city
Name of the imperial throne
Imperial seal of japan is named chrysanthemum seal -Kikumon-

Emblem of Yamato clan
United States
Official flower of the city of Chicago, Illinois & Salinas, California

1-Origin& Key Elements
4-Chemical Constituents
It's Chemically tested by
Williamson's test
5)Persian powder
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