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In 400 Yards...Turn Right!

Cengage Learning - Troy University

Clayton Austin

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of In 400 Yards...Turn Right!

CENTER Resources Interaction Communication ENGAGMENT Customized learning solutions that engage learners "In 400 Yards, Turn Right ..." Adding Technology to Reach New Destinations Raises performance and improves outcomes Reduce costs and operate more efficently. Reach institutional goals Retain students and increase engagement Recruit new students and open new markets What kind of content do we have? Ehanced Web Assign Sam Coursemate Webtutor Gale What we are hearing: 1. An increasing number of professors think the ideal solution is a personalized blend of print & digital.
II. The use of digital learning solutions is increasing dramatically each semester, use varies by discipline
III. Students prefer course solutions that closely relate to the way the instructor teaches the course.
IV. Students are increasingly more comfortable learning with digital solutions, sometimes purchase digital only.
V. There are a large number of options for technologies in an online classroom.
VI. Students can be overwhelmed by too many bells and whistles. Simplicity works.
Cengage Learning Course 360 Building Your course with our content.
Content to improve engagement in the course material
Assignable/Gradeable content
Study tools and Quizzing
Multimedia (videos, animations, simulations)
Integrated eText
Customized homework solution to match your custom course
What this means for you! Relevant - matching the learning style of your students and the goals of your course.
Choice - offering a depth of digital assets to choose from and the option to include your own materials.
Control - giving you complete control to build your perfect course solution.
Accessibility - creating a seamless course experience for you & your students with all digital course content in one location.
Flexibility - meeting your course & institution needs for content and delivery method customization.
ILRN Aplia Pick Choose Learn YouBook Speech Studio Stand Up Sit Down e-books Prezi Google Docs YouTube delicious polleverywhere A Vison of Students Today Who's There? Teachers eyejot K-W-L What we KNOW
What we WANT to know
What we LEARNED delicious polleverywhere eyejot PowerPoint "Delicious is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks." Wikipedia

Use tags to describe a bookmark.
Unlike folders, you make up tags when you need them and you can use as many as you like.
One link may have more than one tag, appearing in more than one collection.
Open your Delicious account from anywhere you have Internet access!

Get started here: http://delicious.com/clayton.d.austin Students CL Technology Clayton D. Austin
Bridgett L. McGowen-Hawkins
TeamUP Faculty Programs "In 400 Yards, Turn Right ..." Adding Technology to Reach New Destinations Use e-mail often with students. Also try this

Browser-based video mail platform
Users create, send and manage video mail
Free for up to 60 seconds of video
No special software required http://www.eyejot.com/ Teachers can set up polls or blank “message boards”
Students can text via phones, tweet, or send via web
You can show on web or download a PowerPoint slide
Sign up for free account at http://www.polleverywhere.com So What? So What? So What? So What? Avoid PowerPointlessness
Do I need a PPT?
Speed limit: 20sph
Size matters
Conduct a floor test PowerPoint xtranormal Web Bookmarks Skype Open Technology 21 Walk around, holding your card face down and exchange cards at least three times
When signaled, look at your card. If you end up with a card you have seen before, then make one more exchange. Step 1 Step 2 Find a partner, read, and compare the ideas on the two cards
Distribute seven points between the two cards for their relative quality
If they are close in quality, then you might give 4 points to one card and 3 to the other
If one is stronger than the other, then you might give 7 points to that card and 0 points to the other
Write the points awarded on the back of each card; write only one number on the back of each card If you finish scoring before the chime, continue talking with your partner about the ideas on the cards Extra Time?
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