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Verb Tenses

The three types of verb tenses with examples

Abbey Wollenberg

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Verb Tenses

Verb Tenses Future Tense Past Tense Present Tense The three verb tenses and when to use each one (Past, Present, and Future). Let's See What You Know Now! Give me the definition and an example of a past tense verb We use the Past Tense for an event that

TO Make a verb past tense:
-Add "ed" (settled)
_Irregular (was) We use the Present Tense for an event that IS HAPPENING, HAPPENS NOW, OR OCCURS REGULARLY

To Make a verb present tense:
-Add a "s" (sweeps)
-Leave it in it's orignial form (play)
-Add "ing" (walking) We use the Future Tense for events that WILL HAPPEN

To Make a Verb future tense:
-Add "will" or "shall" to the beginning of the verb Examples:
Isaiah wrapped the present.
Nick went to the store.
Miss Wollenberg ran the race. A verb tense tells us when something occured or happened What we willl learn/review: What is a Verb Tense: Examples:
Matt sweeps the kitchen
I play soccer. Examples:
Mary will play in the concert next week.
Steven shall take the test 5th period. Give the the definition and an example of a present tense verb Give me the definition and and example of a future tense verb Post Lesson Tasks:
1. Complete Tense Exit Sheet
2. Pass back personal narratives
3. Questions?
4. Tomorrow we will complete a Introduction to Shakespeare!
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