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Example for Will

David Mullen

on 22 November 2010

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Transcript of AtlanticGhost

Chapter 13 In the book store He took us behind the kitchen, past the dried lambs tongue and pickled eyeballs and led us to the end of another atrium filled with rolled up Persian rugs stacked floor to ceiling on both sides. We walked through a beaded curtain into his store. There was a young boy sitting behind the counter reading a Russian comic book loaded with pictures of naked women. When he saw us come in, he threw the comic to the floor and pretended to be cleaning. There were stacks of books about the Great Barrier Reef and the Fall of Rome, Jewish Mysticism of the Ukraine and Life Magazine: The Year in Weddings 1888. Inside there were five guys sitting at a table in the back smoking hookahs and drinking. Gram ordered two beers at the bar. “He’s ok” One of the men from the back table bumped into me on his way to refill his pitcher. He turned around and said something to me I didn’t understand.
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