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Rachel Carson

No description

Emily D

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson Rachel Louise Carson was born on May 27,1907 in
Spring dale, Pennsylvania. She grew up in a farm surrounded by animals and plants of all kinds. She loved studying them and had her mother to make sure she know how to appreciate them. Rachel wished nothing more than to one day be able to watch the sea. When Rachel's brother joined the army, Rachel loved to write about nature
and all the wonderful things that come
with it. She used to send her articles
to her favorite magazine, St. Nicholas.
She sent 4 articles earning her as an
"Honor Member." In 1925, Rachel received a 4 year
scholarship to the Pennsylvania College
for Women. She graduated in 1929 with a degree in
zoology and received her master of arts
degree from Johns Hopkins in 1932. After she decided that she wanted to become
a biologist and a writer, Rachel started studying
the ocean and all of its magical creatures. She wrote her first book in 1941 called
"The Sea Around Us". In 1955, she wrote
"The Edge of the Sea". Rachel's most important book though,
was: "Silent Spring". "Silent Spring" was
about DDT harming the environment and
livings things. DDT- The chemical dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane,or DDT,
is a synthetic organic compound introduced
in the 1940's and used as an insecticide.
Its continual buildup in the food chain
caused concern for human and animal
health. As a result, DDT was banned in the US
in 1972, 10 years after the publication of
"Silent Spring". DDT remains in use in many
countries of the world. Rachel's book caused a big controversial
argument between the chemical industry
and the Americans that were worried about
themselves and the environment. Although Rachel didn't like all the attention, she had to deal with interviews, reporters, and even
business men threatening to sue her for ruining their business. In 1957, Rachel was diagnosed of
having breast cancer and heart
conditions. Sadly, Rachel Carson died of breast cancer on April 14,1964 peacefully in her home.
Finally in 1972, DDT was banned from being used in the United States. Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907
in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Rachel was offered a
scholarship to the
Pennsylvania College
for Women. She graduated and
continued on to Johns Hopkins University. Rachel continued her
career of a writer and
a biologist by writing her
first book "The Sea Around
Us". 1929 1925 1951 1955 Rachel writes her
second book "The
Edge of the Sea". Rachel Louise Carson Birthday: May 27,1907 Hobbies: writing, reading,
learning about nature Favorite Subjects:
Biology and English "It dawned on me that
by studying biology, I had
something to write about."
~Rachel Carson Rachel Carson affected her environment because she helped make people aware of what chemicals can do to plants and animals. She helped them see the situation from a different point of view. Eventually since citizens began too
protest against the use of DDT, it was banned and nature was saved from the heavy insecticide. 1962 Rachel's book, "Silent
Spring" was published. Rachel Carson died
of breast cancer in 1964. Facebook:
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