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8 Ball Chicks

No description

Group 3 Rocks

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of 8 Ball Chicks

Los Angeles
Mama Sheik : the Sheiks
Sad Eyes : the Latin Queens
Droopy : Sisters of the Struggle (SOS)

Mama Sheik : the Sheiks
Mama Sheik first formed the Sheiks as a dance group, and evolved into a street gang.

the Sheiks requirements for entry: physical ability, loyalty, 2.0 GPA, and jumping a man 40 pounds heavier and three inches taller.

the Sheiks numbers: 100 followers, 36 hardcore members and a handful of Sheik boys, a male auxiliary gang.
Mama Sheik's Life

Back and forth between violence on the streets and a positive, productive life.

After being raped as a young girl, she felt she had to beat people up to protect herself and get respect.

Prison pointed her towards a criminal life and untimely death.

Fact or Fiction?
You Decide.

At only eleven, Mama Sheik allegedly threw six policeman off a bridge.

Theory in Quotes
"Her local fame created pressure within Mama to live up to her image. If the newspaper said she was bad, then she would be bad."
Mama's Downfall

Mama's unresolved history of childhood sexual assault.

Mama emulated male gang violence in order to get respect - accordingly, her fate became prison or death.

Mama's time in prison created a hardened criminal.

"She was a woman who had gotten too big."

After Mama Sheik's death, Jeanetta Robinson (CYD) helped fund the Mama Sheik Rehabilitation Unit at Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee.
Droopy's Life
History of repeated sexual assault

Troubles at home and running away

Inadequate education


Droopy : Sisters of the Struggle
Sisters of the Struggle and the Latin Kings/Queens

Wanna-be = a girl associated with gangs through a boyfriend, family or best friends.

Contemptible or someone who has the most to gain from redirection?

Male Perspectives
"'...in time they either had babies or got strung out on drugs and we had no use for them...To me a Queen is someone waiting for her man, to treat him like a king. If she has a kid, to take care of her kid. A Queen's job isn't to be out banging, it's to stay home and keep the house the way it was taught historically in the Latin race. There's no place for a girl in this. My Nation's business is none of her concern.'"

Quotes and Theory
"She viewed everyone's efforts to help her with anger or an air of indifference as if humoring the last attempt by society to save her from her inevitable tragedy."

Droopy's disaffection, history of running away and desire to escape reality would indicate she is using which of Merton's modes of adaptation?

Sad Eyes' Life

Life of violence, sexualization, and assault.

Inability to be or been seen as a child.

Systemic failure to redirect her life before landing in prison.

Constant poverty keeps her near gangs.

Gang Slang
1. From the head : Getting taken out in a body bag
2. ALKN : Almighty Latin King Nation
3. LQ : Latin Queen
Sad Eyes and the Latin Queens
Latin Queens and the Kings

Set up rival gang members - Cobras

"Being on top, it's like the goal you go for."

Gendered Expectations
"'The guys can do whatever they want, they can relapse fifty million times, that's still her son, he's a man. When they got in trouble, Ma would always baby them. But when I got in trouble, it would be like, 'She's a girl. This is a disgrace to the family. How could she be doing this?''"
Closing Thoughts and Common Themes
Childhood sexual assault

Inadequate opportunities to escape

Constant struggle between continuing participation in gang life

Negative impact of prisons

It is not an either/or situation for women surviving in gangs.
San Antonio
Alicia : Lady Eights/8 Ball Chicks
Barbara and Sandy : LO girls/POLO's

8 Ball Chicks and Female Auxiliaries

8 Ball Chicks or the Lady Eights are a female auxiliary gang to the Eight Ball Posse

Female auxiliary gangs formed in San Antonio in the late 1980's and early 1990's

"Down girls" vs. good girls and gang hoppers

A little bit of background...

Misplaced children began to form tribes in 1980's

Economic collapse in late 1980's

Segregated city

Rachel Grant shooting in 1992

So You Wanna Be An 8 Ball Chick?
Roll-in : roll dice, whatever the two numbers add to is the number of sexual partners a girl must have sex with.

Trains : sex with multiple partners in succession.

Beaten in : beaten by other members, forbidden from hitting below the belt or the face

Jumped in :rib-kicking, nose-busting, free-for-all, endures for a set amount of time

Commit a crime : burglary or assault

Remind you of something?
In San Antonio, the only female gangs are feminized auxiliary gangs connected to male gangs. Whose study of homegirls in Los Angeles is this reminiscent of?
Alicia is a seventeen year old member the 8 Ball Chicks

"The Courts" and poverty

Physical and sexual abuse

Drug abuse

Poor home life

Feeling Distant?
Alicia's sexual, physical and drug abuse led her to disengage from school and her family, and she had no strong connections to key parts of her life.

Hirschi's Social Bond Theory describes four types of bonds, that if weakened, lead a individual towards deviance. Which bond does this describe?
"Girls are really weak, you know?"
"[Nick] would fuck a girl and then beat her up and tell her, 'If Wicked finds out that I was with you, I'm gonna kill you or kick your ass or all the boys are gonna rape you.'"

Rape as an intimidation tool.

Violence against women affiliated with gangs normalized.

Physical and sexual violence goes unreported.
Fill In The Blank
Alicia and her sister grew up in the same household, but her sister avoided gangs and violence and attended college after high school. This could possibly be explained through the ______, that Alicia had an excess of deviant associations favorable to violation of the law.

Barbara and Sandy
POLOs or LO girls : Property of the Latino Organization

Young, white and affluent

Startling Differences
"Barbara thought the girl wanted to endure sex with nine boys and men because they possessed power, unlike herself who considered sex with the gang boys 'just a fuck, just mutual sexual pleasure'..."

"'We have wonderful criminal friends...which makes our dad crazy'"

[When two LO's need a ride]"'What are we, their personal taxi?'"

Unlikely members?
No abuse or deprivation

Adolescent rebellion?

Protection from violence due to socioeconomic and racial privilege

Does violence thus become more interesting?

"The main reason I started hanging with gangs was because there were cute guys"
Barbara eventually broke ties with the LO's and left San Antonio to help with an organization to empower Latina women. Barbara felt deliquency, drug use, the prospect of violence and dangerous men were important as a young adult but as she matured, she valued them less. What developmental theory would this life trajectory fit into?
What's that called?
San Antonio, like upcoming Milwaukee, is a very segregated city, due to white flight and the loss of major industry in the inner city. This leaves the inner portions of the city destitute, unemployed and crime ridden. This area of the city is referred to as what by Shaw and McKay?
What's up with Grace?
True or False
When Grace states "When I met [her teenage boyfriend] I thought he was seveteen or eighteen because he'd been to jail...It developed into something else and got out of hand," she is using denial of responsibility technique of neutralization to explain her pedophilic relationship.
Always and Forever?
32 year old divorced substitute teacher who lives with Barbara and Sandy

Her boyfriend is a 15 year old gang member in prison for murder

He began as her babysitter, and slept together when he was thirteen

She married him and then divorced him, but still visits him in prison.

The D.A. planned to bring her up on statutory rape charges.

8 Ball Chicks



Meet the Author
Gini Sikes

Accomplished journalist

Visited 4 cities to learn about female involvement in gangs
New York, L.A., San Antonio, & Milwaukee

Coco: L.A.
TJ: L.A.
left gang life
got married and had a child
moved out of Lennox to escape the danger
got involved in church
Alicia : San Antonio
Young pregnancy

Reciever her GED

Works full-time as a nurse's aide

Lives with stepfather to pay bills

Still sees her abusive boyfriends
Final Jeopardy
Shygirl: L.A.
Tried returning to school but got kicked out for bad grades and attendance
Weapon possession charge - had to stay out of trouble for a year to get it dropped
Worked an unpaid internship at 'Toys R Us' as part of alternative school curriculum
True or False?
What are the 12 most dangerous square miles of Los Angeles called?
New York
NFL = Nasty Fly Ladies
high school girl gang
Turf: around Delancy & Essex Street
Why did they form?
"See, we formed the NFL to protect ourselves. Nobody's out there we can trust but ourselves. And we defend each other. Ain't nobody gonna do it for us."
The Regs - male gang they run with
The Hills - rival gang

Fun Fact: "
is the term gangs used to label a person to rob.
Name that Theory!
Tiny wouldn't submit to her boyfriend's pressures to have sex in the park. So, her boyfriend slept with a 14 year old Hill girl instead. Tiny then attacked the Hill girl.
"Round here, if you flaunt yourself in front of a guy, a guy's gonna take you! His girl's gonna have to kick your ass to keep you away from her man."
Tiny's "she had it coming" attitude demonstates which of Sykes and Matza's Techniques of Neutralization?
Denial of Victim
Why did Gini pick these locations?
highest notoriety for girls
San Antonio
cop sent her a fax about girls who were playing Russian Roulette with AIDS
her home state; so different from the girl gang "norm"
had large immigrant and minority population and also had segregation and racism problems
In the last 3 decades, women have accounted for what percent of homocides in the US?
A) 5-8%

B) 12-15%

C) 27-30%

D) 50-53%

B) 12-15%
L.A. Gangs Facts and History
150,000 members listed in police files
12,000 female
There had always been adolecent violence but the current generation is known for their FIREPOWER
1994 - 800 people died in gang killings for 5th straight year (highest in nation)
In one year: 8,050 treated for gunshot wounds
Duck-and-cover in schools
Fun fact: This number is 13 times higher than the number of US military killed AND wounded in the Gulf War
1994 - "Get Tough on Crime"
Three strikes, you're out
California's version: 3rd strike could be a minor offense
South Central
Part of LAPDs 77th street division

12 MOST DANGEROUS square miles of L.A
Fun fact:
"187" is California's penal code for murder. It is also used by gang members to indicate the next enemy to die.
happy childhood with helping and sharing
father abusive to mother
fled to South Central
School for Coco:
fighting to survive
30-50% dropout rate
became bully and joined the Grape Street Watts (Crips)
4 kids
boyfriend: Bird
Roylene (Bird's other girlfriend)
Alex: bird's cousin (Blood)
Blood Language:
won't use the letter "C"
What do you think?
The ritual of dress (color) has faded. Why?
A) they don't feel like it anymore

B) it makes them a target to enemies and cops

C) That's not true. The ritual of dress has not faded.
B) it makes them a target to enemies and cops
Pee Wees
Night Owls
Playgirl Gangstas
Been around a long time; had the most pull
Playgirl Gangstas
bright, did well in school
moved to Lennox in 9th grade
New school
She detested the new environment
referred to it as "ghetto school" with tattooed rivals roaming the halls
her grades dropped drastically = "stupid classes"
face-to-face with gangsters
T.J. continued...
a homegirl set TJ up with Shotgun
21 year old homeboy in prison
When released from prison, Shotgun rose to the rank of "shot caller"
TJ experienced vicarious power
TJ attracted attention of the leader of the Playgirls, Angel
in joining, she had little choice
get "jumped in"
lose respect and face beatings everytime she saw Angel
Family moved to LA when she was an infant
fleeing war in El Salvador

Age 4: lost her older sister to sickness

Father abused her mother

Gang life gave her courage, faith, and a higher purpose

Got "jumped in" to the Tinies at 13
Lennox-13 (background)
Most members:
1st generation teens
parents crossed border from Mexico, El Salvador or other Central American countries
Fun fact:
5 grams
crack = Minimum of 5 years in prison

To get the same sentence but with coke:
= 500 grams
biased against poor and racial minorities
Fun fact:
scientists used to believe the female criminal suffered from "Uterine Irritablity"
term for insanity
served as a viable legal defense up until the 20th century
Where them


left gang life
enrolled in school
got pregnant, again
had a drastic grease fire in her home that caused her to have to drop out of college
then resorted to stealing for money
"South Central"
a. Latent Trait Theory
b. Life Course Theory
c. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
d. Merton's Anomie
c. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
a. Ritualist
b. Retreatist
c. Conformity
d. Rebellion
b. Retreatist
a. Gluecks
b. Adler
c. Quicker
d. Dr. Grey
c. Quicker
a. Attachment
b. Involvement
c. Committment
d. Beliefs
a. Attachment
a. Labelling Theory
b. Differential Association Theory
c. Differential Reinforcement
b. Differential Association Theory
a. Latent Trait Theory
b. Sheldon's Somatypes Theory
c. Life Course Theory
c. Life Course Theory
Zone in Transition
Nasty Fly Ladies
Coco - Grape Street Watts
TJ - Playgirl Gangstas
Shygirl - Tinies
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