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Depression & Recession

No description

Irene Garcia

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Depression & Recession

DEPRESSION & RECESSION The Great Depression The Great Recession Major Causes unable to repay loans
farmers unable to repay loans
stock market crash
large sums of money loaned to high-risked businesses Presidents Fredrick Douglaus and Franklin D. Roosevelt Hoovervilles Franklin Roosevelt Fredrick Douglas Presidents George W. Bush
Burack Obama Major causes sharp fall in economic activity
job loss
budgets cut
refusal of U.S. Federal Reserve
bad mortages in March 2008
banking crisis Chart during recession president Obama George Bush There was a 2007 housing bubble burst Similarities & Differences States are trying to gamble their way out of the recession. In the depression people ended up living in hoovervilles and in the recession people didn't really end up having to leave their homes. Questions & Answers In both people ended up losing their jobs and having to find another if they could get one at all. Q: Will this keep on happening? A: As long as the government spends money on things we don't need it will keep happening. The New Deal that was formed by the FDR brought us out of the depression.
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