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Acting in Monologues

Actor's preparation: Creating the character and memorization

Joshua Foist

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Acting in Monologues

Actor's Preparation:
Uta Hagen's 6 Steps
What is my present state of being?
Ex: agitated, rushed, energized
Step 1: Who Am I?
What time is it? (The year, the season, the day?)
Ex: historical time period - WWII, Winter, Dec. 7th, 1941
Step 2: What are the Circumstances?
How do I stand in relationship to the circumstances, the place, the objects and the other people related to my circumstances?
Ex: Familiar/Unfamiliar place, location causes great confidence/disturbed

Step 3: What are my Relationships?
What is my main objective?
Ex: Persuade Kate to fall in love with me
Step 4: What do I want?
What stands in the way of what I want?
Ex: Victor is the next likely candidate to get promoted
Step 5: What is my Obstacle?
How can I achieve my objective?
Ex: Convince John to give me his book
Step 6: What do I do to get what I want?
For Monologues

Visual Cues "Images" stronger
than underlined
Highlighting Lines:
Focus on
30 minutes,
or a
single Beat
Short Periods:
Memorize by
or "
thought clusters
Memorizing for Wants:
Drilling Lines:
Run through lines as fast as possible
Speed Through:
How do I perceive myself?
Ex: a victim of a situation, misunderstood, luckiest person in the world
What am I wearing?
Ex: Factors time of day, time of year, where you are going/coming from
At what time does my selected life begin?
Where am I?
Ex: City, Neighborhood, outdoors
What surrounds me?
Ex: Immediate landscape, condition of place/objects
What are the immediate circumstances?
Ex: Have an in depth immediate past to establish present and future
What is my immediate need?
Ex: Pay the fine so I don't get evicted
How do I overcome it?
Ex: Create a scandal to get Victor fired
*Internal/External Obstacles:
Ex: Internal - Physical impediments/disabilities
Ex: External - Natural forces
What's my behavior?
Ex: Manipulative, Oppressive
What are my actions?
Ex: Subtle, Forceful
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