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Emily Hansen

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Teachers

The Life of a Teacher
The salary for an average teacher usually goes up the more years you teach. The average salary for a beginning teacher is usually $33,395 and may go up to $46,481 in Oregon.

Jobs with the same salaries are:
Ultrasound Technicians
Normally contractors don't need to go to college, but teachers do. Being a contractor is a life threatening job, as being a teacher isn't so much. Contractors have to use special equipment like power saws, crow bars, nail guns, etc.
Being a longshoreman is a dangerous job. The equipment needed are CAT devices and many more. Longshoremans move huge logs onto ships and many have a short lifespan from all of the rough work. Being a teacher is a lot more safe and you get paid just as much, if not more.
Ultrasound Technicians
Ultrasound technicians make a close salary to a teacher. They don't make as much as the average salary of a teacher but it's a safer job. For ultrasound technicians, they usually work at a medical center or a hospital. They have special equipment that make it so you can view a pregnant womans baby through a small screen. Ultrasound technicians have to wear scrubs and gloves, as teachers only have a dresscode.
By:Emily Hansen

Period 3, Social Health

For teachers you may go onto a college plan. The plan most teachers use is the six year college plan.
Associate's Degree: a two year plan but may take up to six years
Bachelor's Degree: a four year plan but may take up to five years
Master's Degree: a two to three year plan but usually takes up to six or seven years
Doctorate's Degree: may take up to eight or nine years depending on your masters or bachelors degree
For a teacher,you have to show up to school everyday unless you're sick. Even if you aren't at the school, where you teach, you bring your work home; grading papers, taking phone calls, setting up grades, etc. Being a teacher can be overwhelming but also worth it. You get your summers off and you may get up to 5 personal days off depending on the school district you teach in. For every school the technology there is different, for example: Smart Boards aren't in every school district.
There are teachers all over the world, how else would people get their knowledge and be the better future generations of their country.
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