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The Rise Of Indie Gaming

No description

Charlie Parton

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of The Rise Of Indie Gaming

The Rise Of Indie Gaming What Is Indie Gaming? Independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or small teams without video game publisher financial support. Indie games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution. Indie gaming has seen a rise in the last few years, primarily due to new online distribution methods and development tools. Have You Ever Played An Indie Game? If you have ever played a flash game or MMO/MMPORPG
then you have most likely played an Indie Game, this is just one of many examples of indie games within the gaming world.

Games such as Minecraft and Slender are good examples of how indie games are growing to become very popular within the mainstream gaming world and show how games don't have to be expensive to be enjoyable. Slender Slender is a short experimental horror game
based on a new internet sensation called the
"The Slender Man". This game has taken the
horror game fans by storm and has been the
feature of many a youtube clip showing how
people fail to grasp onto their dignity when
faced with the slender man himself. Game Modifications Many commercial games and game publishers have now
begun welcoming indie aspects within their games...
The revolutionary game "Elder Scrolls: Skyrim" is well
known to have accepted indie modifications. These
modifications such as riding mammoths and dragons
have even begun seeping into console versions of these

Even games such as the previously mentioned slender have been modded such as the comical $20 mode
a rap about $20 rather than the static sounds of slenderman making the game more enjoyable. Minecraft: A Success Story Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can create
literally anything. It isn't very pleasing to the eye
but you can do anything, be anything and make
anything that you want.

It has very distinctive features such as a night and day system not previously ventured in mainstream games,
it even has a survival system where food is needed to
keep alive, and from the first night you will have to survive against "mobs" or monsters that will try to kill you.

It is such a popular game that it has now been introduced to the world of Xbox as part of the Xbox Live
Arcade. The Future Of Indie Gaming Hopefully indie games and modifications will
continue to be developed by these brainy little
game developers who cannot get backing from
the big companies. We have seen how these
little games are being snatched up by companies
like Valve and hopefully more companies will
see the potential of these gaming gems and
support them so that the gaming
community don't get bored How To Get Indie Games These indie games are available all over the
internet, but the main places to get these games
are from http://www.indiedb.com/ and just by
searching on google.

One company that are now helping the indie
market are Valve, who have a program called
Steam which they use to distribute a wide variety of
games, they have recently started an initiative called
the Steam Greenlight initiative which is used to
let the public vote for indie games they want on
the Steam program and then these choices are then
considered for distribution. Thanks For Listening
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