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Jurassic Park Book Report

No description

Faith Bosher

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Jurassic Park Book Report

Jurassic Park Information on Michael Michael Crichton Michael Crichton was a Si-Fi writer, so if science fiction is your thing he is a good writer for you.(Note:He is now deceased.) Some of his works include;The Lost world the second book in the Jurassic Park series, another is Sphere a book about a space ship that fell into the ocean 300 years ago long before humans built space ships, and one last book is The Andromeda Strain it is about how a new disease of unknown origin plagues the Earth. Characters of Jurassic Park Alan Grant-Paleontologist summoned to Jurassic Park as one of the test group members. Likes his field of study and knows how to handle a bad situation.
Ellie Sattler-Alan's assistant,one of the test group on the island. Ellie is brave and strong in stressed situations.
Ian Malcom-Mathematician,theorist, pessimist and one of the test group. Can always find a problem but can stay cool at hectic times.
John Hammond-The founder of InGen the company that created Jurassic Park. He is a person that will do anything to achieve his goal.
Timothy Murphy-Tim is an eleven year old boy who loves dinosaurs, his grandpa is John Hammond and he has a younger sister named Alexis.
Alexis Murphy-Lex is Tim's younger sister who loves sports and annoying her brother.
Denis Nedry- Denis is a college student and an intern at the park, he is one of the only people who can work the computers and doesn't like it at the park. I like these characters and could probably relate to Ellie who can find a way no matter what is going on, though I often feel confused I believe I can always find a way to keep rolling with the situation. Basic Info Pages:399
Genre:Science Fiction
Setting:Not to distant past on Isla Nublar aka Jurassic Park.
Themes:Hope will always be there even in the darkest times, help can come from anywhere.
Rate and recommendation: I would rate this book ten out of ten for sure and would recommend it to people who love Si-Fi, action and adventure. Note: The book is NOTHING like the movie. Storyline So it all starts when a compy (or Procompsognathus)bites someone at the beach, when it is traced to Isla Nublar inquiries are made and to prove that things are fine John Hammond owner of the island brings a group of people to it to stay at the resort and prove everything is fine. Meanwhile one of the technology people makes a deal to steal some of the embryos in exchange for 15,000 dollars. So later on at the island the guests find some some very disturbing evidence that everything is not as ok as they seem. As they find this evidence the computer worker springs his trap and all things electric go dead including the fences to the dinosaur pens. A storm approaches and the boats will not be able to reach the island to save them for quite a while so the question is will everyone live or will the dinosaurs rule again. The conflict would be that someone is trying to steal the dinosaurs and that the dinosaurs themselves have plans of their own that will reek havoc on the world. A hint at the climax is some do survive and make it away but which ones? You'll have to read and find out because this isn't the movie so who knows maybe something you'd never expect happens.
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