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International Membership Exam

No description

Savannah Rawls

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of International Membership Exam

International Membership Exam
AOII's Roots
AOII was founded on January 2, 1897 at Barnard College.

Our four founders are:
Jessie Wallace Hughan: peace crusader, and the only founder to have her own Wikipedia page
Elizabeth Haywood Wyman: first international president and carried AOII into Canada.
Helen St. Claire Mullan: graduated first in her class at NYU law school, drafted our bylaws
Stella George Stern Perry: first national president, author, AOII historian for life

Ritual Information
AOII’s Ritual has NOT been changed significantly several times over the years.
ALL members recite the wardens’ speeches during all Rituals other than the Ritual for Initiation.
Only the CHAPTER PRESIDENT walks alone during the Processional/Recessional.
The guidelines for appropriate ritual attire are found in the RITUAL HANDBOOK.

Our color, Cardinal, means
fundamental, basic, principal.

Our jewel is the
To Dragma means
The Sheaf
We do not use a crest because our founders felt that
the beauty and simplicity of our badge was significant enough to stand alone .

AOII Headquarters is located in
Brentwood, TN.
elects the executive board.
Chapter President
is the only member of this board.

Object of the Fraternity
The object of this Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of
among its members; to stand at all times for
character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty
; to strive for and support the best interests of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed; and in no way disregard, injure or sacrifice those
for the sake of prestige or
of the fraternity or any of its

Membership Responsibilities
“…these organizations detract from the purpose and legitimate programs of Greek organizations. No groups of this sort may be formed.” Little Sister/Big Brother organizations with fraternities
“...we want to encourage behavior that is respectable and is an enduring source of pride to you and to us.” Moral and Ethical Behavior
“Along with members of other Greek organizations, AOII members must adhere to Risk Management policies of our Fraternity.” FIPG

Alcohol and Hazing Policies
Collegiate chapters may not co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups, or organizations.

The alcohol policy applies to parents or guests when on AOII property.

No alcohol is allowed at any new member activity.

Scavenger hunts are NOT permitted within the confines of campus.

Members may not require new members to wait until after Initiation to wear AOII letters, including “stitched” letter shirts.

Requiring new members to memorize composites is NOT a good method for them to learn the names of chapter members.

No alcohol is allowed at any collegiate philanthropic activity.

No chapter can co-sponsor an event with an alcohol distributor or bar.
AOII Foundation
AOII’s International Philanthropy:
The Arthritis Foundation

Fund that helps sisters in need:
The Ruby Fund

Yearly scholarships:
Diamond Jubilee Scholarships

Signature fundraising activity:
Strike Out Arthritis

Executive Board
Allison Allgier

General Vice Presidents:
Susan Danko, Karen Galehan, Grace Houston, Amber Countess, Gayle Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Herman

Vice President of Finance:
Krista Whipple

AOII Shorthand
Group of women at a college/university dedicated to furthering Alpha’s interests

LC (Leaders’ Council):
Committee of elected officers who serve the chapter

AAC (Alumnae Advisory Committee):
Advisers who work together to support the chapter

NS (Network Specialist):
Volunteers who guide chapters and advisers in specific areas of
Alumnae, Development, Finance, Leadership or Recruitment

AP (Alumni President):
President of an Alumnae Chapter
AOII Shorthand Continued
CCOM: A manual describing collegiate officer responsibilities

ELC: AOII HQ staff member who visits multiple chapters to offer leadership training and operational guidance, as well as assisting in colonizing new chapters.

ORL: An online collection of resources available to officers and other members where they can find manuals, forms, workshops and webinars

Exec. Board: Fraternity officers who formulate policy and oversee development of the Fraternity as a whole

CA (Chapter Adviser): Only elected adviser at the chapter level
Delta Delta’s Assistant Director of Chapter Services (ADCS):
Blair Dudley

Delta Delta’s Network Director (ND):
Kim McCollum
Delta Delta Specifics
What membership program allows alumnae and collegians the opportunity to stay connected to AOII while enjoying exclusive member benefits and designates members with an exclusive pin?

Montgomery Alumnae: Closest Alumnae chapter to AU

Know the closest alumni chapter to your hometown! Find on AOII Website under Alumnae.
AOII for a Lifetime
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