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MMS & SchoolFusion's Marriage of Material

This presentation is intended to show how data entered into our Student Information System, MMS, affects the layout of our SchoolFusion website at the Westerly Public Schools.

Andrew Jervis

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of MMS & SchoolFusion's Marriage of Material

MMS & School Fusion's Integration
Presented by Jeanne Ellis
Class names (section) need to be clear and concise, so that all
visitors to the website can navigate easily
Here is an example of 4 different ways that a class has been labeled in MMS.
This descriptor should be filled in
Departments on the homepage should resemble
the structure of the school and how it is input in
MMS whenever possible.
This is the view in SchoolFusion's
department page, based on the
information input from MMS.
These naming conventions would
not work for the normal person.
There are also multiple names on
The way we want it to look
in Schoolfusion...
A LIST WILL BE PROVIDED AS A GUIDE FOR SECTION NAMES: they should read; i.e. Kindergarten Rm 14, Second Grade Room 19; Allied Arts classes (Art, Health, Library, Music, PE), section names should read; i.e. Health Gr 2 Rm 16, Library Gr K Rm 14, etc. The purpose is to reflect ALL elementary classrooms on Schoolfusion in a uniform fashion. Abbreviations for grade and room are needed because Section Names have a limit of 18 characters in MMS and cannot be altered.
Middle School
Elementary Schools
High School
This is an example of a school
with no departments.
The way a class is labeled in MMS directly
affects the labeling on the webpage.
This is how the name will show up on the webpage. It is determined by the section name in MMS, which will have to be reconfigured to reflect the grade level and room number in this format.
How it is displayed on the
profile page.
Class sections need to be consistent
Beause dept names fall in sequence
numerically, then alphabetically,
for aesthetic reasons we chose depts
for grade levels to read; Grade 1,
Grade 2, etc in order to group them
together. Kindergarten can remain
as "Kindergarten", but will display
below the grade levels in alpha

Classroom names, as shown here, show
up as headings on individual classroom
pages. This comes from the section
name in MMS.

See next few slide panels for updated
MMS set up for departments, course,
and section descriptions.
This is the set up in MMS for Department names
in order for SF to look as shown in previous
- Dept Name
Departments are selected for each course in the course catalog. Art, Health,
Library, Music, and PE, should be under AllI (Allied Arts). In addition,
the course description as it shows here will automatically be generated in the
section name when editing the course sections (next screen). There, you can
just add room numbers to the description.
Section numbers should reflect 01, 02, 03, etc. aligning with each classroom in each grade level. Also, section names should be edited by adding your room numbers, select room numbers and the teachers associated with each classroom.
Teachers, like students, need to have an active or inactive flag stored for Schoolfusion. MMS already has a student active/inactive flag, but not for teachers. We needed a placeholder for their A or I flag, which is located in Staff Explanded, Tab: Staff Info II above. This must be updated if a teacher is no longer in your school.
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