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"A Cardboard Chair"

No description

Leslie Mìtchell Gonzalez

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of "A Cardboard Chair"

"A Cardboard Chair"
cardboard recycling
Recycling cardboard is actually very similar to recycling paper, cardboard but more likely because it is a little tougher and thicker material.
How do I recycle
Obviously many people think that the best way to recycle cardboard is placing in the containers provided for this purpose, but can actually recycle right at home. Since many of the products we buy come in boxes, certainly have accumulated enough cardboard home.
we could use it for?
For the truth is that the cardboard is recycled to form other things. With other things we refer mainly to toys to entertain children. With some cardboard boxes and a little imagination is quite easy to create a home for our little cardboard or various cardboard furniture. Boys usually prefer things like heavy walled, ski racing cars, cars and the like cardboard. The girls on the other hand would choose what furniture, houses, kitchens and even appliances.
important information
Recall that for every 1000kg of cardboard that is recycled, we are saving about 140 gallons of oil and 50,000 liters of water, and we avoid polluting the atmosphere with 900 kilos of carbon dioxide.

So you know, you just need to give you some morning and see the cardboard can become many things.
The cardboard in all shapes and sizes can be reused in many ways. For example, when you purchase a product that comes in a cardboard box, you can use this for storage. If it is a gift in a cardboard box, he used to store accessories, jewelry. You can also draw a picture frame, make a lamp, and many more objects.
everything is in one is recursive and creativity you have.
Carrillo Cuevas Carlos
Escobedo Gomez Andrea
Favela Garcia Ana
Guzman Tamez Maria Fernanda
Perez Morales Leslie
Rodriguez Lira Angel Eduardo
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