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Dance Lessons Prezi

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Kalina H

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Dance Lessons Prezi

Book Cover Explanation Book Cover Dance Lessons: How I Found Passion and Potential on the Dance Floor and in Life Written by Cheryl Burke Kalina Hug Mod 4 "Living in the moment is closing your eyes to the uncertainty of life."
p. 153 I can relate to this quote because I often have doubts in life. I learn to take it one day at a time. That allows me to not worry about what is going to happen and what has happened. If I am fixated on life's uncertainties, I will miss what is right in front of me "Take a risk and reveal your hidden talents."
p.47 I often ask myself if I should tell people about the unique things I can do. When I get the courage to tell people, it is amazing to see their reaction. I know I shouldn't keep any hidden talents to myself. Those are the things that allow people to know you as a person. "If there's one thing that can get you in a different frame of mind, it's looking the part you want to play."
p. 14 While reading this in the book I immediately thought of my solo for dance. I do the style musical theater and I have to act as a character from Legally Blonde. I didn't have my own costume during the first competition. Confidence was not with me because I didn't look the part. Looking the part will always help you. "No matter what dance you perform,
you should have fun doing it- and don't ever fake it." p. 18 My life as a dancer has helped me to see many things. One being that when you perform with your heart you show more emotions. The judges usually react better to that rather than seeing a cheesy smile. You can always tell if a person is faking facial expressions, and seeing that is not enjoyable. "You need to work
at what you love."
p. 65 Why do certain people believe they can go into something and be perfect at it? You cannot go into an activity and be good at it without practicing. If you love something you need to work to succeed at it. You should never stop trying. When you stop trying, you stop getting better. "We're all works in
progress, and that's
a good thing." p. 116 This reminds me of the things my pointe teacher says to me. She has told me that I can still fix things in dance. My technique isn't finished. There is much more I can fix while my body is changeable. I can get more flexable. I can also strengthen myself. This is very important to dancers as well as other atheletes. Kalina Hug Cheryl Burke: Dancing with the Stars
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