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Guns N Roses History

No description

Justin Barela

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Guns N Roses History

Welcome Inside The Jungle: Story Of Guns N Roses "You Know where you are!!!" The crowd screams, Axle rose yells at the top of his lungs..."Your In The Jungle!!" It all began in the streets of Hollywood, LA 1985. It all started with a kid who was in enough trouble with the law and just trying to figure out what he was supposed to do with his life."I write the vocals last, because I wanted to invent the music first and push the music to the level that I had to compete against it." -Axl Rose Started In 1985 on the streets of Hollywood. Axle Rose(center)-Vocalist Izzy Stradlin(far right)- Rythem Guitarist
Duff Mkgagen (next to Izzy)- Basss Guitar
Axl Rose (center)- Vocalist
Steven Adler ( next to Axl) - Drummer
Slash ( next to Steven) - Lead Guitarist

Orignal Lineup Hitten The Rode And The Fame Differnt Lineups and more Sucesses Lineup 90-91 Gilby Clarke-rythem 92-94 Dizzy Reeds- Keyboard 91-present Matt Sorum- 92-98 DiscoGraphy Appetite for Destruction -1987
GnR Lies-1988
Use Your Illusion I &II- 1991
Chinese Democracy- 2008 Chinese Democracy is the lastest GNR album Since 91! It is also without orignal lineup except Axl. Singles Its So Easy
Welcome To The Jungle
Sweet Child Of Mine
Paradise City
You Could Be Mine
Dont Cry
November Rain
Civil War Tension And the Sound Of Break Up In December of 94,Guns released a cover of the rolling stones " Sympathy For The Devil". With Tensions of the bandmates this is the last song recorded with Duff, Slash and Matt. Hiatous from 94-98, Not returning until the 2002 Vma Awards Axl had a new lineup and set to rebuild GNR. In October of 2008, after a decade of waiting GNR released a new album with new material Entitled Chinese Democracy. In Closing Guns N Roses set out to Destroy the Industry but was called the "early Stones". They remain another great band in history.
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