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geography project

No description

Dirtysan chez lol

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of geography project

Should I stay or should I go! Geography Project For my project, I will be explaining why
or why not i should move to a new place.
The palces i would or would not move to are:
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Berlin, Germany
Tokyo, Japan!!! For these places I will explaining
why i should move there
(demonstrating pull factors(the 4 of them))and why i should not move there
(demonstrating barriers(the 5 of them))! Vancouver, B.C., Canada main idea why move:
Vancouver is a beautiful place, and there is much to discover there like the wondeful wildlife. barriers:
The barriers of moving here are-
Economic, and Social. you may think my prezi-tation is done but there is still 2:59mins. left Berlin, Germany Main idea why move:
Berlin has a lot of connections with me for ancestry Barriers:
some barriers for moving
are physical, economic, and social. kkljj Tokyo, Japan Main idea Why move:
Japanese culture is amazing
and the economic factors, and
the scenery
great too. barriers:
some barriers of moving to
Tokyo are-- physical, and
economical So overall I would not want to move anywhere because the social, economical, and physical(excluding Vancouver) are to great, and i would not want to risk it. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD AUDIENCE, AND LISTENING/WATCHING MY
PREZI-TATION. brought to you
by: and and Burrito Cat
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