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Balancing Equations__KiranaPerera

Shows you how to balance equations.

Kirana P

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Balancing Equations__KiranaPerera

How to balance a chemical equation! by Kirana Perera things to know before starting things on the left are called reactants and things on the right are called products! the big numbers are the number of molecules the smaller numbers are called the coefficient and they tell you the number of atoms for each element. the arrow that separates the reactants and the products is called the yield The letters represent the elements used. Everytime there is a big letter, that means its another element! the first step! the first thing to do is separate the reactants and the products! then label the sides with an "R" or a "P" __H + __Cl __HCl the second step! Count the number of elements on each side! __H + __Cl __HCl H= __ Cl=__ H=__ Cl=__ __H + __Cl __HCl UNBALANCED!! the third step now we know that there is not the same amount of atoms in each element on each side. we need to balance it by adding molecule numbers. H=4_______
Cl=2_______ H=1_________
Cl=1_________ change the first H to equal whats on the reactants side. add the 2 in front this is.. OH NO! its still not equal!
what do we do!!?? we change the molecule number again!... lets try putting in the number 4, instead of 2! __H + __Cl __HCl H=4_______
Cl=2_______ H=1_________
Cl=1_________ Hey! look! now the two Hydrogens (H) are equal! Now all we have to do is do the Chlorine! (Cl) H=1_________
Cl=1_________ H=4_______
Cl=2_______ __H + __Cl __HCl you multiply the coefficient and the big number to find out the number of atoms! for the chlorine, whe need to find out what multiplied by 2, equals 4... its 2! our equation is now balanced, because there is an equal amount of atoms for each element on each side! now, try one on your own! __Fe + __S __FeS Fe = ________
S= _________ Fe = ________
S= _________ __Fe + __S __FeS This is the answer!!!!! yaaay! now you know how to balance a chemical equation!!!!! . _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________
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