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Prostitutes suffer with 'sinister' law Argumentative Presentation

A presentation on the argumentive devices used in the article. On which did the writer develop a good argument or did she fail on proving her point.

Rebecca Goertzen

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Prostitutes suffer with 'sinister' law Argumentative Presentation

Prostitutes suffer with 'sinister' law Anaylsis The effectiveness of the cases in the writers argument Gary Ridgway
(a.k.a. Green River Killer) Case 2:
Marcello Palma Case 3:
Robert Pickton
(Pig Farmer) Canada's Legislation Forbidding of Prostitutes Rights Thesis: Prostitutes should be given more rights and having a safe workplace, as they are being murdered and hurt for their profession. Catch-22 -Prostitution abuse/murder in WWII
-Re valence to today with the past Tasha Gortva
Becca Goertzen Green River Killer Opening to the arguement, sets out the angle that the writer is going for

-Appeal to emotion (# of prostitutes killed) Marcello Palma -Appeal to emotion(marriage, and children)
-Poisoning the well (his claim) Question:
Do you think prostitutes are street scum?
Why or why not? Robert Pickton -Poisoning the well (pig farmer)
-appeal to emotion
-ad hominem Paragraphs 6-15 Introduces her focus of argumentation

- Blaming solely the legislation/Charter of Rights and the active police force. Paragraphs 7, 10

"The law is contributing to lack of safety and the harm women face... The laws today operate as a sinister contradiction" (7)
-Conviction of keeping a common bawdy house, never returned her personal belongings Paragraphs 11,12

States of a violation of their rights, concerning the Charter of Rights

Question: Do you think they should have the right to work out of their own home, or a safe environment? Paragraph 16 If the legislation does not change, the current issue at hand will not as well.

Question: How many people know of how badly prostitutes are being treated? (i.e. pimps, human traffickers, survival-sex) Prostitutes Rights Case in Court Paragraphs 17-21 Paragraph 17

Explains how they are not dumb, selfdestructive people Paragraph 18

Not only is it our country that believes prostitution
to be a violation of Human Rights Paragraph 19

The legislation puts prostitutes at the reins
of safety or compliance

-Appeal of emotion

Question: What would you choose between? Complience or safety? Paragraph 20

Fines that can occur when helping or protecting a prosititute, from various family members and friends

Question: Would you help out a family member or a friend who is a prostitute? Paragraph 21

The legistation is stereotypical argument, and is self defeating Paragraph 22

"It's all bad, period. The Constitution
tells you there is only one safe option
-- exit the sex trade"

Question: If you were a part of the
legislation would you give prostitutes
more options? or what would you
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