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Romeo and Juliet

Augh. It's over.

Hanna Hofer

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet

Sing Me a Song Turn Around
Turn Around and fix your eye in my direction
So there is a connection
I can't speak
I can't make a sound to somehow capture your attention
I'm staring at perfection
Take a look at me so you can see
How beautiful you are
You call me a stranger
You say I'm a danger
But all these thoughts are leaving you tonight
I'm broke and abandoned
You are an angel
Making all my dreams come true tonight
I'm confident
But I can't pretend
I wasn't terrified to meet you
I knew you could see right through me
I saw my life flash right before my very eyes
And I knew just what we'd turn into
I was hoping that you could see
Take a look at me so you can see
You call me a stranger
You say I'm a danger
But all these thoughts are leaving you tonight
I'm broke and abandoned
You are an angel
Making all my dreams come true tonight
You are an angel
Making all my dreams come true tonight
Take a look at me so you can see
How beautiful you are[x4]
Your beauty seems so far away
I'd have to write a thousand songs to make you comprehend how beautiful you are
I know that I can't make you stay
But I would give my final breath to make you understand how beautiful you are
Understand how beautiful you are
You call me a stranger
You say I'm a danger
But all these thoughts are leaving you tonight
I'm broke and abandoned
You are an angel
Making all my dreams come true tonight
You call me a stranger
You say I'm a danger
You call me a stranger Stranger by
Secondhand Serenade

-Where Romeo and Juliet have a connection
when they first see each other and instantly
fall in love.

-First impressions of Juliet

-Juliet and Romeo were told that they were dangers
to each other because the families were in an ancient
strife with one another; however, they realize they aren't hazardous to each other and that they love each other.

-Romeo wasn't expecting to fall in love with or
even meet one of the Capulets.

-They knew that they had both found their true
loves and that they would get married

-Reference to Romeo's old love and how she broke
his heart by not returning Romeo's love.

-Romeo is almost overly in love with Juliet and
adores her. It also shows that Romeo believes that Juliet
can fill the metaphorical hole in his heart that Rosalind caused. Hey, this reminds
me of... Ryuuji Takasu Ryuuji Takasu is a 17 year-old high school student
who happens to have a very roller coaster-esque love
life. Ryuuji happens to be around the same age as
Romeo is, but their families are much different; Romeo
has a wealthy family, while Ryuuji is a part of a poorer
family in which he has to take care of himself and his
Even though both of the characters are very different in
a few ways, what is akin between the two is the love
interests and broken hearts they both endure.
First of all, there are two girls that they take interests in. For Romeo, this is Rosline and Juliet. For Ryuuji, it is Minorin and her best friend Taiga. as Romeo as Rosline The first girl for Ryuuji to fall in love with is miss Minorin Kusheida: a hard-working, devoted girl. Rosline and Minorin are mostly alike because of the way they devote themselves without hesitation and, of course, have a boy falling head over heels for them.
Minorin, like Rosline, rejected the poor protagonist- though her loyalties belonged to working multiple jobs and playing softball, while Rosline's devotion was with being a biblical figure. Both Ryuuji and Romeo were utterly heartbroken because the women they longed for didn't, and couldn't, return the feelings given; however, there was another who easily caught the protagonists' attention. Minorin Kusheida Taiga Aisaka as Juliet Taiga Aisaka is a brave young girl who has some
serious issues with her parents whom try to control
the young girl and pretty much rule her life. However,
when Taiga says "I want out of this house right now!"
they plop her into an apartment building and are done
with her, but they still send her money to survive.
Taiga is Ryuuji's Juliet because they instantly have a connection after they see each other. Being the two "scariest demons in school," (Ryuuji because of his naturally scary face and Taiga because of her short temper and tiger-like strength and aggression) they are a perfect match and the insta-connection proved that fact.
The mutual instant feelings and connections are akin to what Romeo and Juliet feel at the Capulet party- where they first meet and fall in love. Wait, you seem... Familiar... Kitamura Yusaku as Paris/Benvolio Kitamura is some weird mash-up of Benvolio, the peace keeper, and Paris, the love interest. Neither of these two roles really come out in the beginning of ToraDora, but more so near the middle where Kitamura's cousin, Ami Kawashima, takes part in the series and starts fights with Ryuuji and Taiga.
Before this, we learn that Kitamura used to have a crush on Taiga and confessed his feelings for her while asking her to be his girlfriend, which ended in catastrophe.
Another aspect that shows the likeness of character is that Kitamura and Ryuuji are best friends, and they watch out for each other, much like Benvolio and Romeo. Ami Kawashima as Tybalt Though she may seem sweet in the picture provided, Ami Kawashima is sour character who really has it out for Ryuuji and Taiga, who are perfectly aware that she is trying to ruin their relationship.
However, while Tybalt is trying to kill and duel Romeo in the play, Ami is trying to persuade him to abandon the small tiger-like Taiga and spend time with only her. Ami later considers Taiga to be an annoying younger sister, which somewhat reflects the family relations between Juliet and Tybalt. By the way, what does "ToraDora" mean? The name "ToraDora" has only one meaning: Tiger and Dragon which are two of the proudest creatures to be ever known.

Tora relates to the female protagonist's name, Taiga (The way Japanese people tend to pronounce the English word "tiger"), her personality, and attitude: fierce, strong, stubborn and proud. Even her nickname, the Palm-Top Tiger (referring to her vertically-challenged frame and fierceness) instantly gives her a social image.

Dora relates to the male protagonist's name, Ryuuji (Dragon), and his appearance: scary and fierce. Dora is the shortened Japanese version of "doragon" which is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word dragon (there is no "d" character so they add an "o" so they can actually write it). How does this relate to Romeo and Juliet? Tale of the Tiger and Dragon "A tiger is the only creature worthy of
standing with a dragon." -Ryuuji Takasu As the quote says, dragons and tigers are seen as equals in some cultures, for they are both proud, fierce and beautiful creatures.

Another way one could understand the quote is the way love is. If someone describes themselves as the dragon and their love as the tiger, then it means "No one else is worthy enough to love you besides me."

We can take Romeo and Juliet and set them into this example: Romeo would be the dragon, and Juliet would be the Tiger.
Rosline could be a phoenix: a creature whom dies and reincarnates ever 1,000 years and is gentle and a celestial god-- certainly a creature a dragon is unworthy of.
Paris would most likely be the Ox: a strong, stubborn animal that does not live up to the dragon-standard that a tiger expects. The tiger only sees the Ox as prey and as a potential threat.

Romeo and Juliet have the mutual feeling of "tiger and dragon" where they believe the other is their soul mate and that they can only stand strong with the help of their love. "Crouching tiger hidden dragon." -Chinese Mythology Even though this quote seems to be the generic Kung-Fu movie slogan, it actually holds a deeper meaning than most would think.
Instead of being some cliché martial arts move, this quote means to keep your strength hidden, so you can surprise your target: it explains that secrecy is one of the greatest strengths you can have.
In another view, this can be related to a relationship, and not just Romeo and Juliet's. But when we do look at the famous couple's relationship, it was hidden superbly well and they were extremely cautious when they got married and only let a select few in on what was going on and trusted that they could keep a secret.
Turns out, secrecy was also their downfall. Since Romeo never got the message of Juliet's fake death, the accidental secret caused Romeo to actually believe his love was dead and poison himself, following up with Juliet stabbing herself because of her beloved's death.
Secrecy is a strength, if you know how to use it correctly. "Not every love story is
bro." -Michael Hofer 'Romeo and Juliet,' My brother is the speaker of the quote to the left and it was directed at me. It kind of made me think: sure, not every love story is like Romeo and Juliet, but a lot of romance stories have bits of pieces of it in their plot lines or the characters are vastly similar to one of Shakespeare's characters.
After I thought about it long enough, I realized that you could make any love story turn into 'Romeo and Juliet' because most romance stories are alike, especially when it comes to weird love polygons.
Character A is going to love character B, but character B loves character C, and character C is already in a relationship with character D who is interested in character A.
Then again, the reason people could relate every love story in the book to "Romeo and Juliet" could be because the play is highly popular, and because it has been around for what seems like forever, so writers of course had the time to see it, copy the outline of the plot, replace the characters and sell some "original" romance novel. The popularity of R+J probably contributes to the allusion I see when watching or reading something of the romance genre. Every love story is
Romeo and Juliet, right? ToraDora: Shhh... It's a secret! "ToraDora" is another good example of keeping a relationship secret.
While Ryuuji and Taiga try to get the other into a relationship with their best friend (Taiga's best friend is Minorin and Ryuuji's best friend is Kitamura), they are building their own romantic relationship because they have been unconsciously falling for each other since the day they met.
They stubbornly keep the secret of falling for each other until they both randomly confess and decide to get married, even though they've only known each other for about a year.
They run away together in secret and call each other their rightful spouses, even if they didn't have a wedding and were merely 17 years of age.
In a way, the secretive ways of "Romeo and Juliet" rubbed off on the creator of "ToraDora." What if
Scarlett water never drenched her tomb,
And the tonic of sin never reached his lips?

Did Love create something innocent,
That was a believed blasphemy?

Declared war against the other,
And made two star-struck lovers hide their passion in shadow?

Did God decide their fate
And choose to eliminate them from this game called Life?

Did hell unleash against two,
And leave those guilty to dwell? Write me a poem by Hanna Hofer They Were in Love What would have happened if they didn't actually die? Well, I think it's high-time we wrote an alternate-ending in modern-day narrative. Sometimes she felt alone. Sometimes, it felt as if she was the only survivor of a mass slaughter, the only human in the whole world to escape the apocalypse, the only person who saw a dragon.

Juliet gazed mindlessly at the soft candle lights of her old home, Verona, and breathed a tired sigh. Sure, she ran away from the home she had once called a prison, and the room filled with haunting loneliness, but this freedom she had run to didn't sooth the aching burn of leaving her old life behind.

And for what had she left her home for and faked death over? Why, for love, of course.

A gentle smile caressed her pinkish lips as she glanced at the man she had left with and loved: Romeo Montague. She always remembered the way Romeo stole her heart when they first locked eyes. It was a simple thing, yes, but it surely left an impact for she decided she would marry this man or death should take her.

"Is it really worth it?" Juliet murmured aloud before turning back to the city. Was it? Was giving up all she had truly worth the love of one man?

Juliet furrowed her brow slightly in gentle anger and regretted the words she had spoken. The young damsel would do anything for Romeo's love: she'd sail across the world to reach him, she'd climb to the top of any mountain, she'd give her own life. She would do anything.

Juliet turned her attention back to the fair city. Now she didn't feel so alone as she remembered she was with Romeo, her love, and that she would never truly be alone. She realized that she really didn't feel so alone. I think Juliet would actually somewhat regret leaving. If you take a pampered, fourteen year-old girl, who has never been out of the house, mind you, and suddenly toss her out into the real world and say "good luck," chances are, she's not going to be totally okay with it. Actually, she might seriously hate what the real world is and regret leaving at all.

If Romeo and Juliet actually lived instead of a bunch of random dying nonsense, I don't think she would be okay with living without proper necessities for a while.

Think of it this way: when a tiger is born into a zoo and fed like a pet with daily and scheduled meat servings, you cannot put that animal back into the wild. If you do, there's a higher chance the tiger will die because it is not accustomed to hunting for itself or defending itself against predators. Dictionary Meaning: Coincidence, or not? Juliet: Youthful In the play, Juliet is a young girl who is around fifteen years of age. Benvolio: Benevolent The opposite of Malvolio or malevolent. Benvolio's name
means benevolent or well-wisher, which connects to his role as the peacekeeper in Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio: Quick Silver Like quick silver or the God Mercury, Mercutio is named for his quick-witted self and swiftness, normally when it comes to battle. Tybalt: Cat The name of a popular cat in Shakespeare's time. Tybalt is often referred to as the "king of cats" or "prince of cats" in the play. Paris: Wallet A Greek mythological name that means "wallet." Paris is a wealthy count who is trying to get Juliet's hand in marriage: the name suits him well. The meaning of a name can have a huge impact on what type of personality or attitude they have. Taiga and Ryuuji (Tiger and Dragon) are also examples. Fortune Cookie Romeo If Romeo got a fortune cookie, his fortune would say: "A refreshing change is in your future." This relates to when Romeo didn't believe that he would ever love any woman other than Rosline and felt as if all hope was stripped from him. The fortune reminds him to keep moving in life, for something will change it forever--and that something is Juliet. Juliet If Juliet were to get a fortune, it would say: "Your love, unlike this cookie, will never crumble." This reflects on how Juliet risked getting caught by sneaking out of her home to attend her wedding with Romeo. Also, it relates to how she went so far as to fool her family into thinking that she died so she could escape and be with her love, and then actually killing herself when she saw that Romeo was dead, so she could be with him in death. Ryuuji Ryuuji's fortune would say: "Relax, and take life slowly." It would say this because Ryuuji has tried too hastily to get into a relationship, first with Minorin and then with Taiga. Then again, it also relates to the rash and sudden decision to marry at the age of seventeen. Taiga Taiga's cookie would hold the fortune: "An unexpected event will soon bring you happiness," which relates to when Taiga met Ryuuji for the first time and had a special connection with Ryuuji, much like Romeo and Juliet had with each other, and fell in love with him. Alternate Cover I made this cover because it shows a few different
elements to the play in just one picture. For starters,
it shows both Romeo and Juliet back-to-back as if they were defending something, and with the silhouette of a heart between them, it gives the hint that they're defending their love for one another. The red rose is in Romeo's hand. The rose represents the love shared between the two protagonists and the new-found respect and love Romeo conveys for the entire Capulet family after his marriage with Juliet. The new-found acceptance of Tybalt is shown when they meet and the Capulet wants to duel Romeo, but Romeo says he won't fight because, by law, they're related. Romeo thinks he can solve all his problems by changing his attitude towards his enemies; therefore, he holds the rose. Juliet wields the dagger for a very important reason: she ends her own life by its blade. The reason the dagger already has blood on it is because, like Shakespeare's opening sonnet, it shows that someone is going to get killed or already has been. Juliet also threatens to take her own life several times in the play if she cannot marry Romeo. This slightly conflicts with the rose Romeo holds, since it symbolizes that he can fix everything with just love and compassion; however, Juliet believes there must be a certain edge to everything if she is to get what she wants. That's why she holds the dagger. Love at First Sight Near the middle of the play, where Romeo and Juliet first set eyes upon each other, they have a connection that a lot of people would call "love at first sight." But how can someone fall in love with someone at a moment's glance? Well, perhaps they didn't.

What a lot of people mistake love for is lust. "Lust at first" sight is much more common due to the fact that sometimes you are just attracted to a person for their features--not their personality.
The idea of "lust at first sight" draws a fair argument that perhaps Romeo and Juliet had a mutual attraction to each other and moved along in their relationship at unreasonable speeds, making the deadly poison and the tricky potion appear to be just as fake as their fast-paced relationship. Romeo: Pilgrim In line 97 on page 30, Juliet calls Romeo "good pilgrim." OR LUST AT FIRST SIGHT?
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