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No description

Rohit asdasdas

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Anime.


Why did I chose anime?
It's fun
My subjects:
What is anime?
Welcome to the world of Anime.
You'll never be bored again
Great replacement for learning
There are over 100+ anime

Friend recommended me
What is Anime
What is Manga
Difference between Anime and Cartoons
Anime you probably already have seen
My top-3 Anime
Tv show / movie with manga style drawings
Made by computers / drawn by hand
Created 20th century in Japan (around 1917 first anime created)
Developed even further in the 1970's
Anime's NOT only for kids, but for everyone!
Sub(bed) / Dub(bed)
Back then:
Types of Anime:
Shõnen: Action and Humor (boys)
Shõjo: Romance and Fantasy (girls)
Kodomo: Kids
Mecha: Mechanic Robots
Sentai: Transforming with supernatural powers
Yaoi: Homosexual Anime (boyxboy)
Yuri: Lesbian Anime (girlxgirlg)

And lots more!
What is Manga?
NOT the same as Anime
Japanese Comic book
Bloom after WW II.
READ it from RIGHT to LEFT
Written / drawn Japanese Style
Some anime series are adaptions of Manga
It's the readable anime!
Manga with all types of anime
Highly popular with males and femals of all ages!
How Manga impacts the world
40% of all printed material are manga.
Manga has become more mainstream in the world because of the English translations.
Some Manga have 150-200 pages! that's Alot of manga!!
Mangaka: Japanese Comic artist
Costume Play
Dress up like your fav character.
Anime/movie/video game etc.
Different from H'ween costumes
Very popular in Japan
Growing in the US / Western Countries.
Difference between Anime and Cartoons
Anime more realistic.
Anime: Japanese.
Cartoon: western.
cartoons more for children.
Anime for everyone.
Better story plot
Story continues
Life issues
Cartoons made to laugh
Anime you probably already have seen
Dragon Ball Z
Shin Chan!
Avatar: The last airbender
The legend of Korra
My Top-3 Anime
#3: Attack on Titan
#2: Blue Exorcist
(Ao no exorcist)
(Shingeki no Kyojin)
#1: Black Butler
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