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10/10/2012 UHC Introduction to Salesforce

A brief look at student life cycle beta test application.


on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of 10/10/2012 UHC Introduction to Salesforce

Student Life Cycle Reporting Application UHC Crystal Ball Beta Testing Navigation What is a Beta test? The ultimate road test
"Sound, but unpolished"
One of the most important phases of a project What will our Beta test look like? As many project-relevant users as possible
1 long-running test
feedback + tuning UHC staff test features BSG reviews feedback and updates features Feedback As specific as possible
Date and time observation was made
Step by step instructions for finding the point of interest (Example: Home | Reports | Shared Reports )
Comments/questions Publish changes Views Reports Tabbing interface at the top of the screen This section is somewhat complex. It probably deserves its own presentation.
Presents overviews of the data
Customizable and expressive Notes Salesforce filters everything; if you can't see something, double check the relevant filters
Salesforce is constantly adding new features and occasionally their help documentation lags behind a little
If a reference tool seems dated, let us know There are also shortcuts
throughout the interface Highly configurable drill-down
Useful for finding and editing data Learning Tools Preview Run Unless otherwise noted, everything listed here is available through the Help & Training link inside Salesforce. Getting Started Begin by clicking the Learning Center link
and navigating to the following recommended sections Before you Start
Navigating Salesforce CRM
Personalizing look and feel
Reports & Dashboards
Getting Started With Report Builder
Building Matrix Reports Further Reading Reports & Dashboards
Tips for Creating Dashboards
Report Formula Summary Functions
Maximizing Report Performance
Extending Salesforce
Using AppExchange
What's new in Winter '13 Other resources: Salesforce Blogs, DeveloperForce.com, Higher Ed collaboration group
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