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Night Journeys by Avi

No description

Ms. Gahnberg

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Night Journeys by Avi

Night Journeys ~ Avi
The theme is, friendship. In this book Peter proves himself a loyal friend to Elizabeth and Robert, by helping them escape and keeping them alive along the way.
Peter York is a boy who wants to be free after he was adopted to work in a house. He wants to ride off with his horse, Jumper-who means a lot to him- to freedom. I think peter represents a character of friendliness. My evidence is that he is willing to risk his life and reputation for their safety.
Author's Message
The author's message is to stick to your friends through everything no matter what.
Supporting Characters:
Supporting Characters:
Elizabeth is a runaway thief with a brand to mark her. When she meets Peter, he becomes her friend and savior.
Robert journeys along side Elizabeth, and when they get separated and he gets caught, can he still keep her safe?
On a farm in Pennsylvania in the fall of 1768, pre-revolutionary war lives Peter and the Shinn family. If the setting were different, for example it wasn't in the 1700s, it was in the 2000s, they wouldn't have branded Elizabeth, and she wouldn't be marked by that.
When Peter finds criminals, he knows it's away to finally get away from the Shinn family, he can't wait to go into action, but when he makes friends with the criminals, can he give them away to the police?
Night Journeys
The problem is he is part of a family he dosen't want to be part and so he, first tries to get away by catching the criminals, but he can't catch them, so he tries to run away.
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