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The tale of a small town

things observed during the day, from morning to night...

Yamini Agarwal

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of The tale of a small town

a construction site, with almost no one working... the afternoon where in the morning and came the children to play after school.. :) when a vegetable vendor came in... elections for community chairman went to a community gathering.. coming out from community center and, when the day ends.... everything is calm and still like this butterfly sitting on a marble floor. so, it was a bright day...
in a calm, quiet countryside it was a bright morning with beautiful sun that has came up in the sky . There used to live a girl at the end of a lane in one of the town locality.... it was during the afternoon, scorching heat, sun shining above head... She came out, to throw some trash.... This is what she saw in there.... with no one on the streets only animals quenching their thirst house maid cleans everything, and makes the house shining. :) where girls sleep with dolls besides them where beautiful aquarium might or might not have fishes in it.. :) a little late in afternoon along with the people who had to buy vegetables... note how the vegetables are wrapped in the polythene bags, and how the vendor is waiting for people to finish.... an outing... at food court.. :) different food courts, different flavors, for different classes of people.. at shopping.. different shops for different items same shop for different products and even more items, carried in buckets.. :) shops in which everyone is important... the salesperson, the cashier and even the cleaner boy... and of course the valued customers... :) with chaos yet discipline and enjoyment afterwards.. :D the town where, parking is not only for vehicles :P its for animals as well :) the town where u need not go to some retail shops for vegetables... you will find fresh veggies on the streets... :) where partying at night means sitting on terrace and enjoying with all.. :) and finally where people gets sound sleep under the star studded sky... then at the dusk, she decided to go out for some time after which she ....
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