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All about the band Metallica

Shannon Hauck

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Metallica

By Landon Purschke Metallica is a trash metal band formed in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich. Metallica singer/guitarest answered to a newspaper add made by Lars Ulrich. Kirk Hammet joined the band after problems with old guitarest Dave Mustane. They have had a few bass players. Original Band Members James Hetfield is one of the original members, and is still the lead singer and rythem guitar for the band. Lars Ulrich is the drummer and founder of the band Metallica. He is well known for his unique drumming styles. Cliff Burton was the original bassest for Metallica. He was well known on the undergroud music seen for his destorted bass. After a few albums Cliff died from a tour bus landing on him. Dave Mustaine was the original lead guitar for metallica, but this didnt last long. Dave helped write have of metallica's first album "Kill em All" but was kicked out due to his addiction to alchohal. Following members Kirk Hammet can be considered an original member because he was part of their first album. Kirk is amazing on guitar and is know for his ballet-like solos Jason Newsted is a very talented bassest. He was the replacement for Cliff when he pasted away. When jason joined the band they began to write nicer and more musically sound. Jason ended up quiting the band due to disagreements. Robert Trujillo is the most recent and last addition to the band. He was the replacement for Jason when he quite. He has played for many bands before, the most known was Ozzy Osbourne. The band metallica has had 11 albums and all were extremely good. They have revolutionized music for the better.
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