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Rangers Apprentice: Emperor of Nihon-Ja

No description

Jean Jorgensen

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Rangers Apprentice: Emperor of Nihon-Ja

Tone and Theme
Tone- Suspenseful and funny

Theme- Never give up even when the odds are stacked up against you.
Will- ranger
Horace- knight
Halt- ranger
Shigeru- emporer
Shukin- military commander, emporer's cousin
Evenlyn- Princess Casandra
Alyss- courier
Selethen- wakir in Arrida
George- scribe
Mikeru- young Kikori
Gundar- Skandian
Man vs. man
Man vs. society
Horace is in Nihon-Ja when the Emperor's castle is attacked. The Emperor is then forced to flee taking Horace with him. Will, Halt, Evenlyn, Alyss, Selethen, and Gundar go to save them. When they finally meet up they are faced with a problem. An army is keeping them from leaving. Alyss and Evanlyn are forced to go find help. They leave and Will comes up with an idea. They are going to use the turtle method to defeat the army. While they are stuck waiting Will and Horace both get nicknames. Cho-cho and Kuro-kuma and play a big part in defeating the army. They are foced to confront the army and it looked like they were winning. Then a second army showed up and the battle took a turn for the worse. Alyss and Evanlyn show right in the nick of time to save Will, Horace, and the Emperor.
They are in Nihon-ja in the mountains. The time is in the past when they used swords and shields. They also did not have plumbing.
Rangers Apprentice: Emperor of Nihon-Ja
When Evanlyn and Alyss arrive with their army they give hope to Will and the emperor and that helps them to win. The other army surrenders and no more blood is shed.
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