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The Five Themes of Geography

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Anne Marie Gordon

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of The Five Themes of Geography

The Five Themes of Geography
1. Location
3. Human/Environment Interaction
4. Movement
5. Region
2. Place
Place describes the features that distinguish one area from others. These characteristics may be physical or human.
Physical characteristics - the features of the land, water, and animal & plant life
Human characteristics - the features of the area that are influenced by humans, such as architecture, language, religion, types of transportation, etc.

What kinds of characteristics do you need to include if you describe the Dominican Republic as a place? Look for examples of physical and human characteristics in the video.
Location means "where something is." It can be either relative or absolute.
Relative location - general details are provided, such as what it is close to without the exact details
Absolute location - specific details are provided, such as latitude and longitude or a street address

How would you describe the location of your house using relative location? Absolute location?
Human-environment interaction explores the relationship between people and the environment.
How do people need the environment? How do they adjust their own lifestyles to the environment? How do they change the environment to suit their lifestyles?
There is an enormous amount of movement in the world -- people, products, ideas, and many other things have traveled from one place to another in history. Sometimes this movement is very small, like going from your house to school, or very large, like the migration of people from one side of the world to another.

How have your movements affected the world around you? Watch the videos below. Think about all the different movements (both physical and human) that occurred during these changes in the world.
A region defines a large area that has some common characteristics. These similarities can be formal or informal. Regions can be classified by many different characteristics, such as physical or human traits and cultural trends.

What are some examples of specific traits that might define a region?
Getting Started
Geography - the study of the relationship between physical features, climate, and people
The Five Themes of Geography:
1. Location
2. Place
3. Human/Environment Interaction
4. Movement
5. Region

The following video provides many examples of the different themes. As you watch, think about how each example connects to its theme.
Use the link below for review games and extra practice!
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