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Stereotypes Found in Music Videos

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Nikole Spekkers

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of Stereotypes Found in Music Videos

Grade 8 Media Literacy:
Stereotypes in Music Videos

- Comparisons between genre and
- Lyric analysis
- More videos, locations, and/or
- Group Work
Further Work
Keith Urban: Raining on Sunday

Differently situated group of people: Women

Stereotype: Objectification of women
British Rock Artist
Coldplay: Princess of China

Differently situated group of people: Asian culture

Stereotype: Fantasising of Asian culture
Canadian Pop Artist
Danny Fernandes: Fantasy

Differently situated group of people: Women

Stereotype: Objectification of Women
Rap Artists
Young Money: Every Girl

Differently situated group of people: Women, All Races

Stereotype: Objectification of women, Racial Stereotypes
Australian Country
• Man comes home to girlfriend lying in bed
• She does not wake up at all, just lies there
• He continuously touches her and she has no reaction, as if she is a still object
• When she does begin to move it is only in a sexual way
• The man is the dominant individual throughout the entire video
• White man walking on top of wall of china
• Blends different Asian cultures together
• Asian man with muzzle like device on face
- Othering
• Jumping ninjas with swords
• Stereotypical geisha dress on Rihanna
- Sexualized version
• Flying ninjas
• Everyone in video is an Asian individual except the two main characters
• Club scene
• Women fragmented
• Woman in a bubble bath
• Woman fantasizes about herself dating Danny Fernandes when she sees him at a club
• He gives her jewelry, takes her for dinners, and they travel the world together
• The woman is brought back to reality and is sad because she was day dreaming the whole time
• Indian woman referred to as “Not-Native,” but another woman is referred to as “Blackanese”
• While the video tries to emphasize that men want all women, it is still focusing on their bodies and looks
• Many of the women are not wearing a lot of clothing
• Women are fragmented
• The video shows many different stereotypes of different ethnic backgrounds
• Tries to show cultural differences but actually focuses on the wide range of potential conquests for men
Belgium Techno
Sylver: I Hate You Now

Differently situated group of people: Women

Stereotype: Objectification of Women
• Women fragmented
• Sexual focus
• Free Party Lifestyle
• Women objectified as singer,
not a model in a music video
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