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Learning Styles in the Classroom

A presentation of my research paper on the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles and their value in the classroom.

Ashton Hardeman

on 1 February 2011

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Transcript of Learning Styles in the Classroom

Lecture The most popular method Easy Not to find the easiest way To find the best way for the students Because every student learns differently, teachers need to adjust their lessons to meet the needs of each student. Learning Styles Visual Pictures Graphs Diagrams Flow charts Demonstrations Animations Film Auditory Need to hear, or say Discussions Kinesthetic Touch Movement Doing Hands-On Advantages/Disadvantages Finding a way for all three Visual Technology PowerPoint presentations Smart Board Promethean Board Elmo
Graphic organizers Presentation board Chalk board Dry-erase board High Cost Auditory Easiest Discussion time Playing movies, songs, or audio tapes Lecture Used too much Kinesthetic Could include all three learning styles Least Used Use in the Classroom Visual Visualize Edgar Allan Poe Movies Auditory Graphs Illustrations Class Discussion Student Presentation Kinesthetic Building Models Writing Puzzles Interactive technology Teachers teach to the children, not to the textbooks; give the children the best chance possible to learn and grow into the future
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