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The Walking Dead

No description

Owen Miller

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
T.V Show is based off a comic book.
Main Characters:
Rick Grimes
Lori Grimes
Carl Grimes
Shane Walsh
Daryl Dixon
Glenn Rhee
Carol Peletier
Maggie Greene
Hershel Greene
The Governor Phillip Blake
The Walking Dead
show was originally
a comic book. The comic
book is a little bit different
then the show.
Season 5
The Walking Dead is a show
where a group of people people kill walkers and
there is some people they don't know and the group of people ask if there like bad or like killers on people they need to kill the walkers so everything could go back to the way it is.
The Walking Dead is a show
where a group of people kill
walkers. They sometimes find
people they don't know sometimes they are bad and if they are bad they would kill them or if they feel like friends they ask the person to go with them to survive. there are on season 5 so they have 4 seasons completed.

Hershel Greene is a
farmer/medical type
of person. He helps
a lot with the sick
people and growing
Carl is a little boy but is
growing very fast, he is
a teenager already. He's the main characters
Daryl Dixon is a very
popular character on
The Walking Dead. He
has a crossbow and
he acts very bad***.
Rick is the main character;
he acts really bad***
and is the "Leader" of the
Glenn is younger
then some of them but
is an adult. He is very
nice and makes good decisions.
Lori is the main characters
wife and is very kind but
also can kill if she needs to.
Carol is portrayed as a loner,
often in scenes she is alone
surviving by herself.
The Governor is
the antagonist of
The Walking Dead.
He kills almost all of the survivors before Rick the main character kills him.
They also had a comic
book which came before
the T.V show. The T.V show is a little bit different than the comic book though. Some people thought it was even better than the T.V show.
Maggie is Glenn's girlfriend
and is Hershel's daughter,
she is very mysterious. and
she could be a really crazy and
is so brave.

Shane is that one guy
you don't like but is
technically a good guy.
He had a little too much fun
with Rick's wife when they
thought Rick was dead.
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