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No description

Maddalena Fairchild

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Scylla

Where did Scylla come from?
Scylla was once believed to be a pretty maiden or a sea nymph before she was transformed in to a monster.
Scylla was turned in to a sea monster or goddess by a character named Circe.
Glaucus, a marine god, loved the maiden and went to Circe to see if he could make her love him back. However, Circe was jealous of Scylla and used his magic to change her in to a hideous monster.
What Did Scylla Look Like?
By: Maddalena Fairchild
Scylla was a huge monster, at twelve feet long.
She still had the upper body of a women, but her legs turned in to that of a serpent surrounded by six dog heads.
Each one of her six heads had three rows of violently sharp teeth.
Her voice resembled yelping dogs.
Where is Scylla found in literature?
Scylla is found in the book series called "The Odyssey"
Scylla's Role?
In "The Odyssey, the main character Odysseyus is on his way back from an adventure to Troy when his ship meets Scylla in the water.
When Odysseyus meets Scylla, she eats six of his Ithakan men that are on his ship. One for each of her heads.
What are Scylla's strengths and weaknesses?
Being bigger than everyone she meets.
Having six different heads with sharp teeth.
Being able to scare people by just looking at her.
Suprisingly, Scylla has no real weaknesses it seems a s though she can't be killed.
She was said to have been killed by Heracles, but was able to be brought back to life by Phorcys.
Was Scylla Truly Evil?
In my opinion Scylla wasn't truly evil. Although she did some very bad things to people, she didn't choose to. Circe turned her in to this horrible creature and she had no choice. What she has become has nothing to do with what she wanted to be like.
Does Scylla Fit the Dictionary Definition of a Monster?
I believe that she does fit the definition.
1. A monster is a large, ugly an frightening creature who is imaginary and is cruel and badly behaved. Usually a child.
Scylla is large, scary, and badly behaved. However she is not a child.
2. A monster is extraordinry or daunting in size.
Scylla is 12 feet long, therfore she is very daunting in size.
3. A monster is a mutant.
Scylla is a mutant because she has six dog heads and necks attached to her normal body.
Scylla fits all but one point in the definition, therefore I think that over all she can be classified as a monster.
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