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Webquest for Macbeth

No description

Nancy Pannell

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Webquest for Macbeth

Webquest for

William Shakespeare and King James
A New Boss: Watch this introductory video by a teacher named Carol Jackson. She does an amazing job setting up why Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in the first place. Answer the questions on your guide as you watch.
Political World in Early 1600s
The Gunpowder Plot
Not everyone is a fan of the king's. Watch the video on the plot by Carla Della Gatta. Her summation is only 90 second's long.
Language in
Poetry and Prose
Read how Shakespeare uses poetry and prose in his plays by clicking on the link below.
Watch video about blood as a symbol.
Click on the link below and read the article. Then answer questions on Guide One:
Click below to read about Shakespeare and the plot.
Iambic Pentameter

Watch for clothing or masks, darkness or light, and names or epithets.
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