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Jacob Waggoner

No description

Maria Qasim

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Jacob Waggoner

(Hans) Jacob Waggoner
Jacob Waggoner's Professions
Was a farmer until 19
After participating in the American Revolutionary War, he moved with is family to Carisle, Pennsylvania where he learned the blacksmiths trade
Made crooked irons and horseshoes as a blacksmith
Life in the Thirteen Colonies
Jacob got married at the age of 26 to Maria Catherine Bauer and had 12 children. He gained great respect for the British authority once they helped him come to the Thirteen Colonies, so he enlisted to fight for the British in the American Revolutionary War. Once the war had ended, he moved his family to Quebec and left behind 40.5 hectares of land in New York's Mohawk Valley. He later received 80.9 hectares of land in Johnstown (now Cornwall, Ontario).
Life before coming to the Thirteen Colonies
Thank You
How is Jacob famous today?
By: Mehaq, Maria, Nicholas, Jonathan
About Jacob Waggoner
Jacob Waggoner lived in Switzerland for 8 years before he migrated to the Thirteen Colonies with the help of the British. He and his family decided to leave because of economic reasons. On his journey to North America his parents and sister died due to diseases and only Jacob and his uncle Heini managed to survive.
Fought for the British in the American Revolutionary War
His participation in the war, along with 40 000 other refugees helped in the development of Canada
His military force was going to become the King's Royal Regiment of New York, one of several Canadian armies to fight for the British crown.
Jacob Waggoner
It was a rough start for Jacob in the Thirteen Colonies. He needed to start a new life and with the little bit of supplies that he and his family brought, it just wasn't enough. So he and his uncle began working to gain any amount of money they could. Another hardship that Jacob had was the passing of his family. This had to have taken a huge toll on him dealing with the fact that they're gone. It would have been even more horrible if Jacob was the only one who made the journey alive. But that wasn't the case, his uncle Heini survived and took care of Jacob once they reached.These last few hardships that Jacob had to face were common problems that everyone faces when they move to a different country. Weather and lifestyle. For Jacob, the weather was big problem, especially during the winter. He did not have the appropriate attire to wear during the winter months. This greatly effected his feet since he did not have proper shoes. They were badly frozen and never healed properly when he was older. Finally, the lifestyle in the Thirteen Colonies turned out to be a pretty big hardship for Jacob too. The lack of knowing English as well as starting school were big obstacles. But he eventually learned English as he grew older and overcame this hardship, which led him to being the notable loyalist he is today.
Born on May of 1732, in Reuneberg, Basel, Switzerland and died on May 29, 1808, in Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Jacob Waggoner, a German speaking, Swiss orphan came to the Thirteen Colonies with his family. Although he lost his parents and sister while coming, he still went on to do extraordinary things in the future.
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