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Pal Bot

No description

Becky Kuethe

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Pal Bot

PAL BOT is a friendly and loyal robot
that helps people in need.It helps people that can't walk, see and move.
This robot can be useful at emergency hospitals, ambulances and even at home with children.

How it helps?
PAL BOT can help by pushing wheel chairs of handicapped people in hospitals and nursing homes.
It can also help blind and deaf people get around.
It can also play with children at home as a loyal friend.
It can play music, could dance and go for a walk. It could also be used as a computer for browsing internet, making phone calls and text messaging.
How to make PAL BOT?
Materials: Cardboard Box for building a body. Long cardboard Tubes for arms, Plastic basket for head, and eye goggles for eyes. Two soda paper cups for legs. Color decoration paper for Touchscreen and On/Off switches and Ports.
Any Questions?
Thanks for listening.
This robot has many parts.
By Bhargava .M

Off button
On button
Touch screen
USB port
Power port
Menu button
How PAL BOT Works?
Eyes are cameras that collect data that goes to the brain (controller) for decision making.

Touch sensors detects touch and finds out the objects. Antenna collects voice data commands and for internet connection.

All programs are saved inside SDCard memory.
people could use any programs like wheel chair pushing, dancing or singing, or friend options.
If tripped, gyro sensors detect and release safety balloon from inside the robot for safe landing.
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