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abbir and jeyda@prezi.com

the twits

guildford public

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of abbir and jeyda@prezi.com

Some people around the world are
mean and buy guns just so they can
hunt birds because that's what mr and mrs twit do because that is what mr and mrs twit do so they can eat some bird pie for dinner. This book is about a married
couple called mr and mrs twit
and you might think that they
are kind and loving but unfortunately they're not. Text to Self Text to Self Text to World Text-Text Text to Self My connection is that I have seen big men with hairy beards and mean faces. Sometimes even i think spaghetti looks like a slimy pile of worms wriggling about. All around the world,lots of people like to read books by an Australian author named Roald Dahl. THE TWITS
BY JEYDA AND ABBIR The twits reminds me of another book called "A Little Princess" because in the book "A Little Princess" there is also someone very mean called Miss Minchin. When I was still young I held a frog but accidentally it hopped out of my hand and went into the host's shirt and that is exactly what mrs twit does to mr twit. THE END OF THE TWITS BY JEYDA AND ABBIR WEHOPE YOU ENJOYED IT AFTER YOU... Text-World
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