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Spanish HolidayProject (Dia de la Raza)

enjoi :)

Andrei Belek

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Spanish HolidayProject (Dia de la Raza)

Dia de la Raza
By Antonio y Alisa
How would this be celebrated in the U.S.
How could we celebrate this holiday in America?
Costa Rica
Country in which this tradition is celebrated
Date Holiday is celebrated
History behind Celebration
Clothes worn during this celebration
Dia de la Raza is traditionally celebrated on October 12th or the day of race rounded to the nearest Monday. It is celebrated on October 12 because on this day in1492 Columbus steped foot on "the new world".
Dia de la Raza is a celebration about Hispanic Heretige and people of different races who live in spanish infuluenced countries. Its about how Columbus discovered Costa Rica and other island nations.
Dia de la Raza is mostly celebrated in Latin America, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela
Its a holiday about how Spanish people where killed by diseases, worked to death and kept as slaves. Which is why not a lot of people celebrarte it. On this day people celebrate there culture and Heritage.
A type of food eaten on Dia de la Raza is the hot tamale, which is cornmeal dough wrapped and cooked wih corn or other vegeables. Another tradtional food enten in Costa Rica is Gallo Pinto. Gallo Pinto has rice mixed with black beans, served with sour cream, scrambled eggs and fried plantain.
We could celebrate Dia de la Raza by dressing up in colorful costumes, preparing traditonal food from where our ancestors were from.We could have memories about how the African Americans fought slavery.
the end
For woman they wear a dress made specificly for themthat represents there charasteristics. For men simple and elegant clothing. Men wear a red cummmerbund, a straw hat, and a red scarf.
This would be celebrated similarly to Columbus day.Columbus day is when we celebrate American culture, but Dia de la Raza is when we celebrate Hispanic culture and the different races.
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