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Scott Mason

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of Football

DVD Writer (During Game)
Sportscode Elite
(Both Mac's & coaches Mac) MY BACKGROUND IMPLICATIONS My proposed project has no ethical implications that should be considered by the ethics committee WHAT WOULD I CHANGE? FUTURE VISIONS? Macs for players to use to watch games in own time

Coaches time-table

Film more training

More specific clips for coaches

Feedback sheets

Link MOTD to clips in meetings

Development structure

Coaches & players to clip more often, code on ipad using icoda while watching full match (16-18's)

Hook up with microphone during game then link to game, also with training.
Scott Mason
FdSc Sports Performance Used to play for the club (10 year spell 8-18)
Trials at Histon United & Cambridge United
Completed 2 years at Hartpury College gaining a FdSc Sports Performance degree, whilst playing for the Uni Team and England Trials
Doing my Dissertation for last year of University alongside working full-time at WBAFC
Also play football for Halesowen Town FC
The Future of Analysis at West Bromwich Albion FC WHAT WOULD I BRING TO THE ANALYSIS ROLE? Prozone - Sportscode
(First Team Development Academy)

Code windows
Matrix is produced
Off the ball incidents
Feedback sheets
Monthly database
More specific, in depth results

Jimmy & some players are already using the facilities available
(Jimmy - looking over player clips, reassuring own decisions made, what went well?, didn't?)
(Players - look at strengths, assess improvements)
Passion for the sport, knowledge of the game

Comittment, Discipline & Enthusiasum



Relationship with players, have had the experience

Quick to learn
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