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BSI & Education

Internal, unbranded presentation.

Newell Hampson-Jones

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of BSI & Education

BSI & Education BSI Speakers Network Join in Join the Speakers Network Why Education? 2016... Live Projects Strategy Priority Areas o Business and management
o Engineering and design
o Computing and Technology A new generation of standardizers The Education Sector CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Joint Working Group-Education About Standardization Model Curriculum Work so far... Objectives for 2013-2015 Stimulate standards-related research:
o Lead discussions with regulatory and funding bodies in the sector to stimulate funded research in standardization and other standards-related initiatives
o Remain a central resource for BSI, strengthening internal and external links between BSI and current or potential international and domestic stakeholders. JWG - Education about Standardisation European Projects Established education stakeholders group
Sustainable speakers network
Measurable increase in EaS within HE & FE
Deeper collaborations with HEIs
Open access resource hub for standardisation research
Refreshed BSI Education website
Presence of standardisation in research and funding council guidance documents
Presence of EaS as benchmark criteria for professional bodies’ accreditation Forward links to universities and colleges Contribute resources that could be used for teaching SME e-learning project Task Force - Engagement and Partnering Education Stakeholders' Group Review of education resources BEC Young Professionals Network Benchmarking EaS within the sector BSI Strategy areas, like sustainability and accessibility, will be the primary focus within these academic areas for generating new projects. Embed teaching of standardisation in the education sector:
o Engage in a broad research project to gain an in depth understanding of how standards and standardization are currently taught in the UK,
Work with existing collaborative HEIs to create a pathway from lectures towards curriculum integration or creation,
o Increase engagement with high level stakeholders in professional bodies to add standardization on to their accreditation criteria,
o Consolidate and update resources on the BSI Education website to national curriculum requirements.
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