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Search Engines


yesenia galvan

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Search Engines

I think Yahoo
is a good for searching
but its not very popular.
I think Google is a good search engine. People use it to search many things around the world.To do different things on this search engine.

Google can be used for many things: maps, YouTube,images,news, calender,translator,talk, apps and many more things to.
On yahoo you can make an email just like google and also get mail
They also have differences which are:
You can also look up videos,pictures,news,entertainment,sports,movies,music,T.V.,health,shopping,autos,and homes.
On bing you could search
anything you want, like if
you want to get information
on a project,or anything else.
You can also look up
look up pictures,digrams,
graphs, and different kinds
of projects.
Google can be use for many education thing to like: games, apps, facts, videos, online course, and many more thing to help you understand things.
They are all seraching engines
I think Yahoo is a good searching engine but I think people don't use it much.
On Bing you cant make an email like the rest.
They are all very good searching engines and helpful to
You can search many good thing on all three search engines
I think that the google is the best search engine that should be use by the world.

Isabelle cortez
Yesenia Galvan
Kaydee Gonzalez
I think that bing is a good search engine

What makes Google diffrent from the rest is that on google is the most know search engine.
Yahoo is a very unnown search engine like the rest of the search engines
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