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Europe Countries


jackson wright

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Europe Countries

Europe Country Kosovo The six stars on the flag represent Kosovo's six major ethnc groups. Ethnic Groups Albanians People from southeast Europe. Serbs A south slavic ethnic group in Central america and the balkans. turks These people are defined as citizens of the republic of turkey. Gorani these people are a balkan ethnic group which is inhabit the gora region. Roma they are a subgroup of the romani people. bosniaks a south slavic ethnic group. a gorani village. HISTORY Formmation Kosovo was founded on Februay 17, 2008, when the Kosovo declaration Of Independence was signed by the Provisional Institutions of Self-government assembly of Kosovo. Significant wars Kosovo was in WW2. They helped because they were fighting for their independence. unfortunately they did not win their independence at this time. Impotant people Lazar Hrebljanovic: He lead the first Kosovo war on the field called the Kosovo Polje.
John Hunyadi: He lead the second Kosovo War on the Kosovo Polje field. John Hunyadi. Lazar Hrebljanovic kosovo Polje Population as of 2007, the population of kosovo is 1,804,838 people. culture Music/dance folk music is popular in kosovo. the instruments in kosovo include the gajda and the lodra. gajda lodra folklore one great story is the "Kosovo Maiden". it is about a woman who wants to find milan, her one true love. she walks into the fog until no one could see her again. food flija and mantija are some traditional foods in kosovo. religion their religions are muslim, serbian orthodox and roman caholic. the main religion is muslim. Language their languages are albanian, serbian, bosnian, turkish and roma. the first languages were albanian and serbian. sports and hobbies table tennis is a very popular hobby or sport. government economy they use euros as currency. flag tourism tourism is very important in kosovo. the most famous tourist attractions are the 40 Bunar Fest and the beauty pageants. Import/export Import: Mineral products, food and drinks and machines
Export: base metals, grown food and agriculture. type of government Kosovo's government type is rebublic. Geography Land Kosovo is surrounded by mountain ranges. to the west, they are bordered by the Alpet Shqipatare/ Albanian Alps. hi df
climate summer: 86 degrees
winter:14 degrees. map my country looks like a mountain range of texas. Cities/capital their capital is pristina which is the most popular city. another city is istok. this city has one of the biggesst jails in europe. mantija flija
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