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Iowa Net Metering

Changing Policies in the State

Josh Dilocker

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of Iowa Net Metering

Audience Introductions Background Direct Input Electrolytic Hydrogen Net Metering Conclusion Recommendation References Senator Tom Harkin Senator Chuck Grassley Iowa Net Metering Josh Dilocker - Background/Conclusions/Recommendations Alyssa Elgersma - Alternative 1 - Direct Power Brady Irwin - Alternative 3 - Net Metering Tyler Kytola - Alternative 2 - Hyroden Storage Pollution created by energy resources Solutions that efficiently harness the power of renewable energy How will this benefit Iowa? The direct conversion of any energy source into electricity. The most basic form of direct input is Photovotaics (PV) Cost to Consumer and State Cost of installation and materials are very expensive Iowa homes us an average of 630 kilowatt hours (kWh) per month This means a 2.625 kilowatt system is needed Cost? approx. $20,000 Impact on Renewable Energy Usage Solar panel systems only produce waste during
the manufacturing of the panels themselves Installation is very expensive Only produces energy during sun light hours Electricity can be two to three times more expensive in the long run Very Accessible and has been around for decades Online distributors can ship equipment directly Utility company employees can install Availability Practicality Cost of Net Metering $40,000 for a two kilowatt system $20k for renewable energy system $20k for safety disconnect equipment Offsetting the Costs Reduced property taxes
(Value of property - Value of system = Taxable property) The creation of state funded grants Tax incentives up to $2,500 Impact on Renewable Energy Usage Numerous requests by Ames residents and businesses Public needs to be made more aware of the incentives to use Net metering Practicality and Availability 43 States utilize Net Metering technology
(Dsire, 2010, PowerPoint). Compatible with any energy source Every watt of energy used by the grid Council members representing the city of Ames have approved roof mounted solar units and Net Metering in residential areas (Wilson, 2010) Require all municipal power utilities to provide for their customers a Net Metering system. Provide financial assistance programs for adopters of clean energy production. Evaluate current technologies in Net Metering and costs after a two year period that the system has been in use. Advertise
Remove Create property tax incentives
Create rebates
Provide equipment Research
Results comparison Hydrogen recombined with air or oxygen in fuel cells or engines

Can be used on demand

Similar technology to stored air but ~10x cheaper
Using power off of grid cheaper than EH system

Success of H2 vehicles will greatly impact success of EH systems

Excess household H2 power could be used in automobiles
In Iowa, cost of electricity is low so new alternative
energy demands are low

Increase in energy cost could improve practicality
Very limited availability

Increase in availability over time

Currently in large scale use in parts of the world
Impact on Renewable Energy Usage As of right now, electrolytic hydrogen has little impact on the usage of renewable energy because of the high cost of installing and maintaining the system. The success of newly produced hydrogen powered vehicles will have a large impact on the success of this system. Green Solar and Wind Power. (2009, September 30). Retrieved March 28, 2010 from
The Hot Spring. (2008, July 16). Retrieved April 15, 2009 from http://www.eia.doe.gov/.../images/h1_08.gif
Increase Fuel Performance – HHO Car Fuel Cell. (2009, April 20) Retrieved April 8, 2010 from http://hhocarfuelcell.blogspot.com/2009/04/hydrogen-electrolysis-units.html
Net Metering Diagram. (n.d.). Retrieved April 8th, 2010 from http://www.mysolarshop.co.uk/images/uk_net_met.jpg Net Metering Map. (2010, April) Retrieved April 1, 2010 from http://www.dsireusa.org/documents/summarymaps/Net_Metering_map.ppt Tom Harkin. (n.d.). Retrieved April 18, retrieved from http://www.inewscatcher.com/2010/02/senator-harkin-dishonest-over-health-care-grievance.html Chuck Grassley. (n.d.). Retrieved April 18, retrieved from http://matthewmundy.wordpress.com/2009/03/ Iowa Flag. (n.d.). Retrieved April 18, retrieved from http://todaysseniorsnetwork.com/iowa_aarp_campaign.htm Figure 1: Tom Harkin Source: Inews catcher, “Tom Harkin,” (2010) Figure 2: Chuck Grassley Source: MatthewMundy, "Chuck Grassley", 2010 Figure 3: Iowa Flag Source: TodaysSeniorsNetwork, "The Iowa Flag", 2010 Figure 4: Block Diagram of PV System Source: Green Solar and Wind Power, “Photovoltaics Systems,” (2009), par. 4 Figure 5: The Hot Spring: EIA.DOE.GOV, "Energy Statistics", 2010 Figure 6: Electrolysis Diagram Source: HHO Car Fuel Cell, Par. 1 Figure 7: Net Metering Diagram Source: MySolarShop, "Net Metering", 2010 What is it? How much does it cost? Practicality Availability
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