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No description

Cheyenne Austin

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Cattle

By: Cheyenne Austin Cattle Ayrshire Black Angus Braford Brahman Brangus Brown Swiss Charolais THE END :) Breed Characteristics Dairy breed
Red and white in color- any shade of cherry red
Horned breed, but most are dehorned
Medium sized animal
Excel in udder confirmation
Mature cows weigh about 1,200 lbs. Breed Characteristics Color: Black
Pattern: No pattern.
Polled or Horned: Polled Breed Characteristics Beef breed
Cross of Brahman and Hereford- 3/8 Brahman & 5/8 Hereford.
White influence of Hereford & skin of Brahman Breed Characteristics Beef breed
Brought from India.
Noted for hump over shoulder, long drooping ears, excessive amount of skin, especially in dewlap & belly area.
Color can vary from black to gray to red.
Heat and insect tolerant.
Excellent mothers. Breed Characteristics Beef breed
Solid black in color.
Loose skin on neck and belly from the Brahman influence.
Good mothering ability, feed efficiency, and produce desirable carcasses. Breed Characteristics Dairy breed
Color: Solid brown from light to dark. Nose and tongue are black.
Large framed cattle
Mature cows weigh 1,500 lbs. Breed Characteristics Beef breed.
White to light straw in color with pink skin.
Large heavily muscled breed
Originally from France.
Used in many crossbreed programs. Chiania Breed Characteristics Beef breed.
Color: White with black switch.
Skin pigment is black.
High heat tolerance and gentle disposition.
Largest breed of cattle.
Popular in crossbreeding cattle Guernsey Breed Characteristics Dairy breed.
Color: Any shade of fawn and white markings. A clear or buff muzzle is preferred over smokey black.
Mature cows weigh about 1,100 lbs. Hereford Breed Characteristics Beef Breed.
Has white face and red body. Also white on belly, legs, and switch.
Horned cattle.
Docile in nature & very easily handled.
When used in crossbreeding the white will continue. Holstein Breed Characteristics Dairy breed.
Color: Black and white. There is a recessive gene that can produce a red/white combination.
The switch has white on it.
Largest of dairy breed cows weigh 1,500 lbs. Jersey Breed Characteristics Dairy breed.
Cream to light fawn to almost black.
Some have white markings.
Muzzle is black.
Smallest of dairy breeds.
Cows weigh 1,000 lbs.
Excellent udders. Limousin Breed Characteristics Beef breed.
Color: Light yellow to deep red hair with lighter circles around the eyes and muzzle.
Head and neck are short.
Limousin cattle are noted for their carcass leanness and large loin area. Maine Anjou Breed Characteristics Color: Dark red and white in color.
Some animals are roan in color.
Horned breed.
Generally white on belly region, tail, and hind legs. Simmental Breed Characteristics Beef Breed
Color: White to light straw faces with red to dark spotted bodies.
Horned breed
Great milker for beef animal.
Simmentals make extremely rapid growth.
Thickly muscled.
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