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Jackpot by Gordon Korman

No description

Tammy Reinhart

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Jackpot by Gordon Korman

Korman, Gordon.
Scholastic Press: New York, 2014
The Main character of
is Griffin Bing. Griffin and his friends like to solve mysteries together. His friends are Ben, Savannah, Logan, Pitch,Victor, Melissa, and Darren.
The book
is about a group of kids trying to find a missing lottery ticket worth $30 million. Griffin and his friends find out that the missing lottery ticket might be in a book at the library. They go to the library only to find out that the book they are looking for is being shipped to another library. The kids chase down the van that is shipping the books and jumped in at a red light. They find the book they are looking for and find the lottery ticket inside. They drive to the lottery office with Mr. Fielder and the shop owner Mike and get inside just before they close. They give the ticket to the employee who scans the ticket two seconds before the deadline. Then the employee congratulated Mr. Fielder because he just became very wealthy.
I enjoyed the book
. It was fast paced and exciting. Every chapter was more exciting than the last. I chose this book because I have read other books by Gordon Korman. Those books are
. I liked those books so I thought I would like
More Characters
Griffin's dad, Mr. Bing is an inventor in this book. He invented the "SweetPick" which cuts down sugarcane stalks.
by Gordon Korman

Darren's mom, Mrs. Vader is a patent lawyer.
A few more characters are Mr. Fielder (He purchased the winning lottery ticket), and Mrs. Weintraub (She was a possible suspect).
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