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About Me

No description

Joshua Case

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of About Me

Business Experience
Student Recruiting Coordinator
Washington Business Week
How I ended up...
Grew up in Pasco

Most of my family still lives here

My wife likes it here

Good place to raise
a family
Business Development Associate
Staples Corporate
Marketing Project Administrator
Brand Analyst
Started at Imageworks with a passion for marketing and research
...in the Tri-Cities
...at Vivid
Favorite Band in High School
...which inspired my own band in high school
Skrewdryver Tuesday
Current Hobbies
Mariners Baseball
Time with my family
Classic Movies
Photographing my daughter
Healthy, Whole-Food
Eating & Gardening
In the beginning...
Social Style
The Analytical
Excludes feelings from decisions

Goes too far; perfectionist

Too rigid or demanding of self/others
Fun Facts

I've passed out in a wedding
I'm part Danish and very proud of it,
for no particular reason
My wife and I traveled to Iceland, Denmark, and London in 2011
The #2 Happiest
Country in the World
Seinfeld was the
greatest TV show ever


Middle School
Pasco High
The Analytical is polite but reserved, logical, fact- and task-oriented. This person’s focus is on precision and perfection. Other strengths include persistence, diligence, caution, and a systematic approach.

The Analytical needs to be right, and won’t openly discuss ideas until confident in a decision. His or her pleasure is accuracy. Pain is to be wrong and criticized.
...and blogging about them at
To sign up, email
(I)ntroversion (S)ensing (T)hinking (J)udgment
"The Duty Fulfiller"
Will work a problem through to its identified conclusion

Uncomfortable with ideas that are completely new or totally theoretical in nature

Makes an excellent manager

Values the "tried and true" approach, and is reluctant to adopt new systems until direct experience proves the validity of the new system

Internalizes and values the rules and structure of the society in which they live, and disapproves of behaviors that go against these rules

Highly values the cornerstone institutions of society such as Family, Work, and Church
Pet Peeves
Dream Job
We snorkeled in Iceland
I ate whale
B.A., Business Management
Minors: Marketing, Leadership Studies
My favorite spot on the trip was New Harbor in Copenhagen
And my mom joined us in London
You can check out more of our trip on YouTube.
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